Terrorism in France


Terrorism refers to a deliberate commission of an act of violence to create an emotional response through the suffering of the victims in the furtherance of a political or social agenda. This can be narrowed to violence against civilians to achieve military or political goals or intended objectives. Terrorism in Western countries has been facilitated by Muslims who live in these countries for instance, in European countries. European countries are however vulnerable to the terrorism effects compared to their neighbors the in the United States. However, France amongst other specific nations like Belgium has been under threat attacks from the Islamic terrorists. The Islamic states Iraq and Levant in their curving in the Middle East highlighted France as a threat to their nations. This has made France susceptible to their threats. This nation has encountered terrorist attacks since 1800. These incidences have been associated with Islamic extremists. These attacks are having been widespread over the centuries. With the most current attack that occurred on 8th September 2016. This paper depicts how political concepts in the two articles provided affirm the issue of terrorism in France based on the terminologies and ideas brought in their discussions.

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Terrorism in France

Recently, about 84 people died in Nice France in an attacked linked to ISIS supporters. Equally, Terrorist carnage and news reporters depict how France is vulnerable to the Islamic attacks. The terrorist attacks in France have been growing to its worst state in the future. It is, however, not practical because France portrayed success in its military forces. The truck terrorism is an emerging trend in terrorism attacks. For instance, the Al-Qaida in Yemen chose it based on the on Allahs requirements. This can be linked to the bulldozer that was used by Palestinian to murder Israelis. In November about 130 people died in a terrorist attack that was directed to Paris in France. These are just but a few instances of the serial terrorist attacks in France by the Islamic people. The French government has laid strategies to combat the terrorist attacks in the region. These attacks have necessitated intelligent survey on the ISIS attacks formed networks.

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Link of the Two Articles to Terrorism in France

The success of terrorism is an attribute of intelligence performance as seen in other nations. The intelligence wing of the federal government has become more aggressive in the security department. Movements have been formed by activists to make the Muslims feel targeted and suspect in the frequent attacks. These attempts to manage the terrorist situations will elevate the risks of engaging in further terrorist attacks from angry terrorists. The European nations have encountered terrorist attacks in diverse dimensions. The terror threats have been associated with the European actions. For instance, the European nations took about 5000 militia to Iraq where a number were killed. Several have been killed and the Paris attacks have been linked to a revengeful mission of these terrorists. The ISIS, for instance, engages in wars to acquire an essential knowledge about other countries for successful attacks. The ISIS leaders achieve their missions by directing a well-established line of attack after surveying the threat ground. Other loners who are greatly influenced by the ISIS in the region are the Jihadists. These terrorists have neither specific connections nor groups to be linked to; they attack independently. This terrorist can be associated with the San Bernardino and Orlando attacks. ISIS had earlier threatened to consolidate attack as United terrorists. According to Muhammad al-Adnani had declared terrorist attacks that were aimed at causing great attacks. This declaration was aimed at causing huge destructions in the regions identified.

According to Ricks article, political structure and cultural organization are crucial concepts in defining terrorism in a nation. Considering these threats France has been made vulnerable to the intended terrorist attacks. The French political structure and cultural organization depict inadequacies in counterterrorism. According to analysis, French has been proved to be one of the radically shown as one of the threatened countries in European countries. The vulnerability has largely been facilitated by the youths in urban areas which are easily used as recruits in terrorism. The civilization process in France prevents women, ladies, and girls from wearing veils in their nation. Muslims however, have used this as an attack on their Islamic religion. Terrorists view this prohibition as an intentional act in the political realm. For this reason, therefore, the Muslims in France have segregated themselves and behave like aliens in the society. Politically, this process has been depicted as a humiliation for the Muslims in the society causing a more strong radical movement.

In comparison to the United States, European countries have not undergone a harmonized integration like the United States. The United States equally have not engaged in massive war with the Islamic countries compared to the 5000 militia. It is evident that the United States have more anger against the Muslims concerning terrorism. This fact is evident in its intelligent services, the FBI and the Homeland Security in the State. Similarly, the United States militia and the Intelligence wing in the United States have led investigations aimed at fighting the ISIS. This strategy will take some time to be successful. Terrorism has affected several industries in French. These incidences have greatly affected the tourism industry negatively. Tourists are unable to visit France due to insecurity uncertainties in the region. These economic impacts have contributed negatively to the government collection process. After the Nice attack, there are two States associated with Islams that has been linked to the terrorist attacks on a local priest in the northern city of Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray. This was evidence that the Muslims were attacking Christian terrorists in the region. There are political issues that have been linked to the Muslim attacks. Equally, the federal government through the Intelligence surveys has been striving to find solutions that can be helpful in silencing these threats as well as terrorist.

Radicalization is a key concept that have defined the political terain of other nations. Concerns have been portrayed by the federal government due to the French attacks that were massive in Paris. These concerns have equally sounded like a wrong strategy because it is leading to advanced attacks that have planned by the Jihadists in the country. For instance, in June Islamic extremists murdered two police officials that have been associated with the tight security. This happened in the Euro 2016 football championship. This event depicts the current jihadist moves in their new attacks. According to Islamic States declarations, Muslims should engage in terrorist attacks in regions they occupy. This makes France one of the radicalized countries in Europe countries with Muslim citizens. Francophone has been widely used in the Islamic terrorist attacks in making calls. These calls have labeled France as a radicalized nation. According to jihadists French government and territory have become a point of interest. This idea can be linked to Paris, Nice, and Marseille attacks. These nations are planning to attack the country as a group and independently as jihadists. As one of the countries with the highest number of Muslims, France has created a wide gap between Islam and the non-Muslims.

Loss of political trust in a nation is a concept that defines the terrorism state in US. These attacks have led to the loss of trust in the French federal government. These political threats have thus led to political problems in the nation. According to Hegghammers article Based on Le Figaro poll that was issued on July 17th, about 67% have no confidence in the federal government security against the terrorist attacks. In the Nice memorial event, Prime Minister Manuel Valls was booed by angry citizens. The antagonism between the federal government and its citizens provides evidence of lack of confidence. The Parti Socialiste has thus been adversely affected by the terrorist attacks in the region. This has weakened its fame for the 2017 elections.

Ricks article exposes interceptive strategies as a key concept. In essence, the discussed threats have led to European countries frequent training overseas to combat the threats. Equally, threats are aimed at finding interceptive strategies to limit the adverse effects that could otherwise be caused by the terrorists. However, the youth recruits from the western countries like the youths in France urban centers have contributed to the terrorist attacks in the region. Considering the hindrances that foreigners encounter in nations, the Muslim terrorists have decided to recruit citizens to cause a threat to their countries. This can be traced to the Terek Mehanna, Muslim American suspects, and Faizal Shahzad. These incidences have left terrorists with no otherwise but to use France citizens to destroy the countrys stability. These are evidence of the homegrown type of attacks in the region. In the lethal incarnation point of view, The Islamic attacks are growing in worse states in France. According to analysts and political views, the terrorist attacks have led to political uncertainties. These uncertainties have resulted in the antagonism between the government and the citizens in France.

Hegghammers article highlight that Political challenges have fueled the emergence of counterterrorism attack campaigns and initiatives. Based on the current Paris and Nice attacks the government has laid strategies in France security agencies to combat the terrorist attacks. The insecurity in the nation has thus become a priority in the nation. The Intelligence wing has employed several professional relieving another judicial department with fewer professional for the work. Other aspects seem to be relatively normal with insecurity posing a major threat to in the government. Terrorism trade off has thus become a point of reference in the France economy. Posing a major challenge to the nation it is an investment with an independent entity. Homegrown terrorists are dangerous especially when they are motivated by messages from other terrorists, for instance, the declarations made by jihadists. These messages constitute monolithic campaigns which pose threats to the French citizens. These messages depict conspiracy that is evident in the Islamic terrorists and jihadist attacks in France following the murder of two police officials.

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Finally, through the commentators in social sites, broadcasting stations and newspaper can help in reshaping and building trust in the country. This trust is built by reducing the impacts of terrorist threats amongst citizens. Analysis of the terrorist networks there are evidence of operational unrelatedness in the current threats brought by the terrorists and the jihadists. Most of these threats are home grown making them more effective in the nation. The terrorist attacks have been enhanced by the huge differences and social gaps amongst Muslims and the French in France. Consequently, the French government has laid strategies to combat the terrorist attacks in the region. Through government sponsored initiatives that are funded by the intelligence agencies. These attacks have necessitated intelligent survey on the ISIS attacks formed networks. Thus, the French government can use technological enabled devices to intercept the terrorists moves. When the Jihadist moves are intercepted for instance, the government will acquire the citizens trust one more. The intelligence wing of the federal government has become more aggressive in the security department. Movements have been formed by activists to make the Muslims feel targeted and suspect in the frequent attacks. The insecurity amongst themselves can be used to scare them out of France. This can be of benefit in minimizing homegrown terrorists.

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