Personal Career Plan


In terms of working on the personal career plan, much attention was paid to the conception of professional development. Without a doubt, the process of acquainting the essential working skills remains rather actual nowadays. Remarkably, it affects all the spheres of the business management and has an apparent influence on the majority of the representatives in this sector. That is why the significance of this term cannot be underestimated under any pretext. Thus, the leading goal of this personal career plan is to provide a deep understating of my current professional occupations, evaluate the particular development insights concerning the business aims, underlined the received knowledge and experience, discuss some potential career plans that can emerge in this context, and propose a short resume of my professional skills and possibilities. To my mind, these major elements have a tremendous impact on the process dealt with the evaluation of my personal career opportunities in the nearest future.

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Professional Development Insights

 A. During the creation of this part, the main emphasis was done on the useful personal and career planning insights that I have recently gained owing to the educational procedure that I have succeeded in accomplishing. Through the whole semester, I have applied the necessary efforts to provide only the high-quality work and manifest the noticeable results. Conventionally, these efforts brought their relevant outcomes in the context of the persistent studying process. Owing to the numerous class sessions, outside class campus activities, and special speaker events, I have gained a precious experience. To my mind, this knowledge will help me to cooperate on a daily basis in the nearest future. The following perspectives may also include the application of the received practical and theoretical skills. In the aspect of the existed theoretical framework, such approach will serve as a powerful instrumental tool that is called to assure a deep understanding of the actual business core conceptions. As a result, the obtained insights from these various important learning sources appear to remain rather noticeable in ordinary practice.

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B. It is worth taking into consideration the team work that everyone has had a chance to participate during the semester. Our collective efforts as well as a fruitful cooperation cannot be minimized under any pretext. For example, this interpersonal communication has provided some positive outcomes for a direct dialogue between the different members of our community. Despite the fact that the proposed approaches and methods of operations may vary in scale among the diverse representatives, we have succeeded in building strong group relationships based on mutual trust and respect.

Overcoming the numerous team activities like company research project or film review assignment during this semester, I have achieved a complete understanding of the efficient group work. Furthermore, I could propose some prominent strategies aimed to increase the collective efforts. The enhancement of such cooperation should base on the process dealt with true leadership. Only such individual may organize the work of the whole group in a coherent manner, distribute the major tasks proportionally, and set the appropriate goals. To my mind, this mode of treatment will guarantee a potential success for all members of the team. Subsequently, these considerations were engendered by the current situation that dominates on a daily usage. Analyzing the following perspective, it is worth remarking that I would like to stay more active as a team member to enhance the performance of our group. As a result, the application of such approach may significantly increase the efficiency of the whole cooperation. I firmly believe that I could face all the obstacles and challenges in the nearest future and come up with a tentative solution.

C. Consequently, by discussing some possible areas and plans for potential technical and professional skill improvement, it is worth paying attention to the process dealt with the acquaintance of my interpersonal and group management skills. Relatively speaking, the amelioration of such qualities will require additional efforts. They will focus on self-devotion, self-esteem, and self-reflection. Moreover, this development is impossible to assure without hard work. I am also going to ameliorate my communicational and listening skills, as they turn out to be rather crucial for the business practice. In the context of the business ethics and operational management, the effectiveness of the affair should base on the particular application of the information based on the relevant data and findings. That is why I also need to improve my technical skills to be able to initiate a pretentious research in the following period.

All in all, the obtained knowledge would strengthen my future career at LMU and beyond. These results are also believed to provide some positive alterations in the next procedure concerning self-development.

LMU Career Plans

Remarkably, it is essential to conduct the outline of a tentative professional development plan. It will help me to evaluate my learning and professional development over the next few years and guarantee guidance during the studying process. As I strive for gaining a possibility for possible internship experiences, the critical evaluation of my current course should be relevant to the actual LMU programs. Moreover, it is to outline that such internship opportunities will assist in setting my future career goals and formulating the prominent business plans.

Well, it is worth starting by mentioning that I am going to study accounting, entrepreneurship, business, economics, aims, international business, and marketing. These courses will meet my main academic expectations. They are called to develop a deep understating of the business management. Apparently, I also have a profound interest in reaching the process dealt with the setting of professional organizations.

As my potential goals and plans include the formation of nonprofit corporations, I hope that the received knowledge about the foundation of this type of institutional affiliations will be rather valuable. As I am planning to initiate a broad circle of such companies, my current steps should base on the application of effective organizational methods. Their discovery will be only possible if I manifest a profound research interest and focus on the actual investigation of the given courses.

To conclude, it is pretentious to highlight that I hope to continue my studying process in the nearest future. It will help me to realize the importance and integrity of the business management, discover all the particular features of the organizational procedure, and develop a comprehensive understanding of the relevant theoretic assumptions. All in all, all these steps will have a positive influence on my personal career plans and goals that I tend to achieve.

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