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There are a lot of skills that an excellent students should have, but the ability to analyze is among the most essential ones. It is needed not only for textual analysis essays, but for actually every task done at college. What can be more important in the process of learning than to know how to perceive the information and process it fast and efficiently? At college, you get a lot of tasks and assignments aimed at developing your conceptual, writing, and analytical skills.

So, one of the academic assignments is to learn how to write textual analysis. It is clear what the task implies. You are supposed to do the analysis of a particular literary text. Are you good at that? Unfortunately, many of the students lack necessary skills and fail in writing. Moreover, not every student can handle such tasks efficiently even with the required knowledge. If you are not sure that you can cope with the task, contact us and we will help you. We have worked on multiple tasks of different types and we will definitely handle your assignment with all due care. So, let us try to figure out what the key characteristics and main functions of textual analysis are.

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Free Textual Analysis Essay Sample to Read 

Let Us Find Out Everything about Textual Analysis

First of all, it is important to define the textual analysis essays to understand how to do the writing. The main idea of such kind of writing is seen in the name. A student is given some novel, article, short story, or any other text, either in its full scope or an extract. When professors give a task to do textual analysis, it is recommended to divide the provided text into several parts and try to explain the intended meaning of each of them. It may sound too sophisticated, but college education implies having complicated tasks to do. If you want to be an excellent student, you definitely need to sleep less and study more. In this particular case, you are supposed to present a study with all the required details and focus on the weaknesses and strong points with the conclusions made on the basis of text references. You have to inspect the given text and analyze it.

How to write a textual analysis

How to write a textual analysis

How to Write a Textual Analysis

  1. First of all, select the text which will undergo textual analysis. Typically, the professor will give it to you, but in some cases, the choice is made by the student.
  2. Never overestimate your skills and abilities. Be careful in processing the text and choose the one that is not very complicated to write about.
  3. Search for the required sources, and remember that your individual analysis can still rely on the works of other researchers whose ideas should be referenced properly, of course.
  4. Note that planning is the focus of writing excellent textual analysis. This simple rule can be applied to all kinds of works. The best efficiency can be achieved only if everything is planned beforehand.
  5. So, structure the ideas and prepare an outline as the textual analysis essay structure is what can make your writing perfect. Organize all the ideas and see the whole picture of the analysis. This process resembles Lego assembling when separate individual pieces make a great product.

Structure of the Textual Analysis Paper


Do not forget that the introductory part of the textual analysis paper bears the maximum significance. The readers will continue reading only if the first part can hook them and excite their interest. Your target audience is your professor; however, try to think in a broader manner. You will see your work more meaningful if you try to treat it as writing done for publishing. Gain the best understanding of the topic before you start your writing, and try your best to sound as interesting as you can to catch the attention of any audience, not only your instructors. 

If you are learning how to write an analysis paper on the basis of a book, use a quote from is as an epigraph to your paper. An interesting introduction will establish the main idea and theme of the paper and provide the explanations of why the investigation of the topic is essential. Add some intrigue and convince your readers that your topic needs further discussion. Write a good thesis statement and make sure that it is focused on the main idea of the whole paper. It is recommendable to place your thesis in the concluding sentence of the introductory paragraph. If you are successful, your readers will go on and proceed to the main body.

Hint: it is better to work on the introductory part after all the remaining pars are finalized. It may sound a bit odd, but when you work on the main paragraphs, you will clearly see the key points.

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Main Body

What should you do when you work on the actual analysis? First of all, you are supposed to develop perfect argumentative structure of your paper. Doing textual analysis, the students have to give some bright examples to illustrate the presented thesis statement and add good elaborations and explanations to prove the suggested statement. It will be wrong to make the statement either subjective or vague. When you write in a concise manner, your text is on point. Do not provide too many details; the general ideas are good here. Prove that the presented statements here are true and proceed to deep analysis later.

Excellent textual analysis essays demonstrate the student’s individual view of the strategy that the author has. Try to explain in which way the author focuses on the main aspects and bring the readers’ attention to the highlighted parts. It will be a wrong approach to try to present everything that is in the book as it is important to mention only those aspects which are directly connected with the thesis of your paper. 

The next part of your work is to develop a typical scheme of having arguments and examples. It is recommended to have three or more paragraphs and present all the needed details. You can cite other works or use the references in your paper; just make sure all of them are related to the arguments you have chosen. You can use the quotes freely, but do not do that in excess. Highlight the most important aspects with the referenced parts, instead.

Having done everything needed, review the paper and check if all the required parts are included. The concluding part will be not difficult to work on if the main one is done well.


It can be tricky to write the conclusion to your textual analysis. You have almost finalized your work, and your only remaining task is to summarize everything you have already written about and make the conclusions. However, it can be challenging to avoid repetitions and present the ideas in a concise and logical manner. Be careful: refer to the thesis and present all the ideas in a paraphrased form. Do not ask the questions, it is time to give the answers instead. Check if every started thought has been finalized.

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