Tsuen Wan Adventist Hospital

Tsuen Wan Adventist Hospital (TWAH) is a general hospital with a very strong Outpatient Clinic and comprehensive diagnostic facilities. It has a very strong OBGYN and family medicine programs. However, during the past few years, TWAH have been developing various specialty programs such as urology, orthopedic, general surgery and cardiac program. Cardiac Catherization lab in TWAH was opened in June 2011.

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The patients come from the Tsuen Wan areas as well as NT West since it is the only private hospital in the area. The Hospital Authority is scaling back their services especially in the areas diagnostic service and treatment of non-life-threatening diseases. 2012 will be a year when it continues to improve the staff clinical competency in several specialties. It targets to transform its high dependency unit into intensive care unit by end of 2012.  By doing so, it is also transforming TWAH from a general sub-acute care hospital into a general acute care hospital. It is also important that TWAH continue to strengthen the customer service through SHARE, hourly round, nurse leadership round, just to name a few.

On the economic front, it is very difficult to gauge what will happen to world economy during the next 12 months.  There is a risk that the world economy will fall into another recession due to the sovereign debt crisis of USA and European countries. According to Financial Secretary Mr. Tsang John Tsang as reported in SCMP November 22, 2011 “Hong Kong’s economic outlook would be bleak early next year because of considerable uncertainty over the future of the global economy”. This will no doubt have an impact on the hospital business. Under this uncertainty, we write this Marketing Plan for 2012.

Basically, this environment consists of factors or forces outside an organization, but affects its operations. The management of any organization must try to adapt to such factors because they have no control over them.

With regard to TWAH, the fluctuations in the broader macro-environment have a potential to affect Tsuen Wan Adventist Hospital day to day operations. These macro environment factors are normally very essential in analyzing a firm to establish the most appropriate marketing strategy for the hospital. These factors that form the wider macro environment forces for the TWAH include;

Political and legal factors

In many regions including the NT West, economic prosperity and social developments of the TWAH is largely influenced by the political decision and practices. According to my health my choice, the health care reform second stage consultation paper, the government proposed to introduce a voluntary health protection scheme that aims to better the quality and the value for the money of private healthcare services and private health insurance. This will actually help the TWAH with steady flow of patients if it actually capitalizes in this macro-environment development.

In addition, several private schools have expanded; the government has allocated four pieces of lands for the purpose of building private hospitals. Thus, the competition for the patients and staff will be very intense during the next few years. TWAH was the first hospital that was accredited by the JCL. It has also been accredited by Trent and ACHS accreditation; this accreditation has helped TWAH develop strong clinical governance, clinical and safety standards. Moreover, in the recent years, China Mainland loosened the policy of free-travelling. There are more China patients who come to private hospital to seek professional treatment.

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The economic factors

The economic factors are normally of great concern to the marketing firm because they influence demand of services, prices, cost and profits. These economic factors are normally beyond the control of the firm. In the NT West, a class hospital experiences are entering this market. They include Bangkok Dusit medical services, Bumungrad Hospital, Fortis, Hong University Medical School and Raffles Group from Singapore. All these hospitals have been very successful in running hospitals and are able to raise capital from stock market. This will trigger a very stiff competition in the region

There is also an acute shortage of nurses and allied health professionals and competition for staff remains very intense. Even though several nursing schools have been open or re-opened, it foresees the shortage of nurses will continue for at least another two to three years. In addition, there are very few specialist clinics located in the surrounding areas of TWAH.

The social – cultural factors

This is another essential element of the macro-environment that need close evaluation. This is because, it usually reveals itself in changing of tastes, consumer services demand and the attitude and beliefs toward a certain firm. TWAH has been serving Tsuen Wan and the NT West community for more than 47 years and has a group of very loyal patients who treat TWAH as their family hospital. This gives the hospital an upper hand against its competitors. TWAH is also the only private hospital in NT West with a catchment area of more than 1.8 million people.

Furthermore, according to HK chief executive policy address 2011-2012, our population is rapidly ageing. Aging’s effect on patient demand varies by medical condition, with the highest rates of growth in services most used by elderly patients (Health Aff 2006).

Micro Environment Analysis

This environment comprises of factors and forces close to an organization, and has direct impact on the operations of an organization. Management of an organization has control over factors or forces in micro environment. This environment enables an organization to determine its strengths and weakness, available opportunities and possible threats in the market.

With regard to Tsuen hospital, it has some internal aspects or elements which it can control so as gain a competitive edge in the competitive market. This can be achieved by ensuring that its staff endeavors to offer quality services to patients in their daily provision of health care. This will lead to customer satisfaction, and it will enable the company to attract new customers as well as maintain existing customers. Eventually, TWAH will have a very strong customer base thus, gaining competitive advantage in the market.

However, in order to provide better health care, Tsuen can control these internal factors to enhance its sustainability and make sure that patients who have been loyal to it do not opt to seek health care from other upcoming private hospital. Some of the internal factors that Tsuen hospital has control over include;

Human resource

Human resource is the most valuable asset of any organization; therefore, the management of any organization must give priority to the needs, wants and welfare of its human resources. TWAH has created conducive working environment for its employees, and it has highly qualified employees. TWAH has achieved this milestone, by offering training and development programs to its employees so as to enable them gain abundant skills and knowledge on provision of high quality medical services. This has been one of the major reason that has enable TWAH to attract more customers and retain its existing customers. Additionally, TWAH offers competitive remuneration for its employees, this makes employees feel valued by the company, and that lead to high employee satisfaction.

Internal renovation

The internal renovation or development projects in an organization can increase or open up new operation horizons for the firm. The new hospital development project is in progress and it is expected to transform TWAH from a 138 bed general sub-acute care hospital to 450 bed general acute care hospital with several signature medical specialty programs. This internal development will increase the out patients and in patients seeking health care in the hospital. This development will also cater for the growing population of Tsuen and NT community.

Technological factors

Up to date technological equipment’s are fundamental for they enhance efficient and effectiveness in organizations daily operations. However TWAH is currently limited by the ICU capability, currently; TWAH only has HDU beds and cannot handle serious ICU cases. Lack of Intensive Care Unit support deter doctors to admit serious medical cases into TWAH and deter surgeon from performing complicated surgeries there.

TWAH operations have also been undermined by the current old facilities and lack of space. The current buildings and facility looks tired and crowded. The parking spaces available are also limited.

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