Why Are we Obsessed with Celebrities Essay

Celebrities are the people who are always in the media; every tiny private detail of their life is in the media drain and feds to the public. Sometimes those details are true, sometimes those details are made up; nevertheless, people closely follow, if not obsess, every step the celebrities take. Unknowingly, famous people set up the trends by their actions and behavior; those trends can be both positive and negative.

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People often follow the celebrities in media, places they go, things they do, clothing they wear and the views on life they support. General population rarely realizes that the famous people are just like anybody else; they just get more lime light than average person. People blindly copy the actions of celebrities, adopt their views and beliefs; they make their life defining choices based on their idol. Average person thinks that celebrities have fun and effortless life and by following them, they believe that they can come closer to their idol.

The magazines hunt the scandalous or the ground-breaking stories of celebrities to increase their sales

That is what people see; they think that the lives of famous people are more fascinating than their boring routines. However, the worst thing is that people also think that money can buy them happiness as they are always smiling on the covers of the magazines. Because this gives people the wrong ideas about the lifestyle, they often fail to comply with their routines and financial obligations when trying to match up seemingly perfect lifestyles of famous people.

Celebrities are just like any other people; they have the same joys and sorrows, obligations and responsibilities that are not highlighted in the media as they are considered boring by the publishers and editors. That is why people are fond of celebrities as they seem to have perfect lives according to press.

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