The Story of Cherokee Boy’s Life Book Report

The Story of Cherokee Boy’s Life: Three Lessons of The Book

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This is a story of Cherokee boy’s life, who lost his parents and was taken by his half Cherokee granddad and Cherokee grandmother. The boy lives with his grandparents in mountains and he finds out more and more about the life of wild animals, he is taught by his grandfather to respect nature and to take only what is needed, not more. His name is Little Tree and in the beginning of the novel when his grandmother sings an Indian song about Little Tree, it is possible to imagine how an Indian woman sits and sings monotonous song which is nice to be heard. Little Tree is learning how to hunt and to live in mountains, to survive in hard situation. One of the most important knowledge which a boy gets while his boyhood, to follow the Way.

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A man should let nature live with its course, a man should never kill because of sport or passion. The grandfather of Little Tree explains him that nature is wise, that there is a chain of feeding in it and when a predator catches its victim, it helps to other animals to become wiser and quicker in future, besides usually only the weakest of all are caught. Little Tree also learn now to build relationship with businessmen and politicians and also with tax controllers. He finds out all interrelation with other members of American society, poor sharecroppers and Afro Americans. He can see how negative other people treat Indians. He goes thru board school and he gets a lot of experience of life. He also finds out how to save money and how not to be deceived by other people.

I like this book, while reading it. I am feeling as if I am swimming on the waves, it can seem boring, as the narration is built according to the way of Indian songs. They are monotonous, sometimes they can seem boring, but if to listen to them, there appear to be a lot of wisdom. I can find some really interesting thoughts, especially when Indian tells about the Way, how Cherokee call their relationship with nature, the Way teaches how to hunt, how to communicate with it. I am sure that now I will remember the main rule of the Way: “never take more then you need”. The life of Indians is not fast, they do only what they need not to be hungry and all they need to be safe. They are simple people, but people with their own outlook and faith. They know how to live in forest and in mountains and it is evident that if they can give their knowledge to others, it will be wonderful. I am sure that for me it will be very interesting to get such knowledge. I also think that there are so many different nations in the USA that if they all share their point of views, their baggage of knowledge with others, our life will be wiser and it means that it will be better. After reading this book there appear a wish to find more about Indian culture as well as about the culture of other nations of America.

It is clear to me that simple people who don’t have high education respect the importance of it more than those who have it. Politicians who come to the place where the Little Tree lives seem less smart then simple people who listen to him. They are described in such a way, as if they come from another planet. We should get education to become wiser and not to become more important than people we are with. I think that it is one more lesson of this novel. I remember how these poor people respect reading and now they go to the library and each time they take home heavy sacks with books. They are necessary for them. We must get high education to carry light to others and not to highlight ourselves. It is the second lesson of this novel.

While reading the book, I feel some shame about people of 1930th who thought other people enemies even not know them at all. Indians prefer not to tell a lot, but they are kind inside, it is enough to remember the episode when Little Tree gives moccasins to a little girl who is barefoot. First she is happy to have them, she is a child and she accepts all openly. But her father orders her to give moccasins back, as it is a shame to accept something from” lazy Indians” why this man thinks that Indians are lazy, only because they don’t work on fields and not gather harvest like other people. These people were not ready to accept people’s choice of life and to respect them. I am sure that it is one more lesson of this book. All people have right to choose how to live and all others must accept it and never criticize it.

So, reading the book “The Education of Little Tree” I find certain education for myself. I can see three main lessons of it, to live together with nature, never to interfere into the course of it, to understand that high education should serve to people and not to be the tool of humiliation of others and to try to understand different people, to respect their outlook and way of their life.

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