Visual analysis of Snickers Super Bowl Commercial

Nowadays the world of advertisement embraces the new spheres of human life and becomes one of the most profitable industries. The most famous and commercially successful brands all over the world use advertisement as the basic tool to release their products and make customers buy them. Advertisements invade the big and small cities, social networks, the mass media and other spheres of customers lives. With the production of highly successful commercials, the company can make a fortune extremely rapidly. Developing a proper advertising strategy is a time-consuming and demanding process. Every advertisement is a complicate mechanism, which consists of various details such as aims, methods, and convincing techniques. Only the proper and simultaneous work of all these parts can provide a reliable functionality of the vehicle. Bright example of such is Snickers Super Bowl Commercial which uses humorous and celebrity endorsement and underlines efficiency of these persuasive tools in promotion process.

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The number of ideas and concepts of creating profitable advertising strategy increases every day. Nevertheless, the brightest and the most prominent commercials of the last years remain to be perfect examples of successful combination and application of all components. Snickers advertising campaign with the slogan: Youre not you when you are hungry is a perfect implication of the main promotional techniques and methods. The last Snickers Super Bowl Commercial with Danny Trejo and The Brady Bunch family immediately gained popularity and was considered to be the the greatest commercial of all time to the Super Bowl (Venable). It calls back to the Brady Bunch TV episodes, but with Danny Trejo and Steve Buscemi performing in the roles of two sisters Marcia and Jan. The plot of the promo is simple: Marcia (Danny Trejo) is hit in her face by ball and then she becomes angry. The mother advises the girl to eat Snickers to calm down and to behave like a girl. At the same time, her sister, Jan, wants to attract parents attention to herself. The perfect performance of Danny Trejo and Steve Buscemi makes the commercial relaxing, funny and enjoyable. The difference between the usual stereotypical roles of the Hollywood actors and their parts in the Brady Bunch family creates a comical and cheerful mood of advertisement.

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An effective advertising campaign includes the next components: a clearly stated objective, a brief and concise strategy, a target costumer, key benefits and a certain niche in the market (Mazurkiewicz). Snickers Super Bowl Commercial contains all the components that are important for a successful promotion. The objective of the advertisement is clear: to make their product be associated with a relaxing and funny atmosphere. In this way, people who want to rest and to cheer up will definitely buy Snickers. The target audience is defined perfectly and skillfully. Actually, the commercial managed to concentrate on people of different social status and age. First of all, fans of such actors as Danny Trejo and Steve Buscemi will find the advertisement attractive and interesting to see. They will believe that the product which is presented by their favorite celebrities is worth of trying. The Brady Bunch family attracts customers too. It was quite popular at the time, so there are, probably, enough people who adored this TV show. Lastly, the cheerful and easy atmosphere of the commercial invites customers of all age categories to enjoy the review, to laugh and to buy the product.

The one of the main advantages of Snickers advertising strategy is following the same slogan and idea in every single commercial. Through the series of promos slogan Youre not you when you are hungry became easy recognizable. By saying or hearing this phrase person obviously refers to chocolate candy stick called Snickers. The first commercial with this slogan and idea of transforming from brutal and wild guy into a calm and pleasant person gained a great success. That is why the usage of the same advertising pattern is an extremely successful and profitable strategy.

The main aim of any advertisement is to make a customer buy a particular product. To obtain desirable effect commercial creators often use persuasion and manipulation means. In order to provide a successful advertising campaign, it is essential to have precise and sufficient knowledge of customers purchasing behavior. Then, company should evaluate all possible ways to influence it and to control the action of potential customers (Danciu). The basic invisible manipulative tool of Snickers Super Bowl Commercial is humor. People prefer to laugh and to relax and when they are exhausted, they subconsciously will recall the advertisement and the product that can make them feel funny.

Other means of persuasion are a presence of the famous personality in the commercial. This technique makes the advertisement more convincing. Costumers think that if their favorite actor uses the product, they can also believe in its high quality and buy it. In fact, the union of several celebrities in the commercial will make it extremely successful and popular. In the Snickers Super Bowl Commercial, there is a combination of such superstars as Danny Trejo and Steve Buscemi, who become a part of the Brady Bunch family. Their characters are caricatured and ridiculed, and that makes the commercial more adorable and interesting.

The tone of the advertisement is playful and cheerful. Two sisters, Marcia and Jan, are described in a very ironical and funny way. Jan is a spoilt and whiny girl. Steve Buscemi plays this role perfectly. His emotions, gestures and behavior are entertaining for the viewers. Appearance of Danny Trejo in the role of a sweet and pretty girl cannot be more ludicrous. The main comical thing in the commercial is Marcies transformation from the brutal man into a calm and beautiful girl. The moment when hungry Marcia throws an axe definitely makes the audience laugh. If Danny Trejo represents the brutal side of Marcia, Steve Buscemi performs weepy and crying Jan. The role of Steve Buscemi is highly humorous and remarkable. The transformation from serious actor to a small crying girl attracts customers and makes the commercial be easily memorized.

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Another evident particularity of the advertisement is caricaturing and deformation of the male image. Although the two main roles are performed by the men, even by two well-known actors, their behavior is rather not stereotypical for men. First of all, both Danny Trejo and Steve Buscemi present female characters. It is a paradox that an actor, who always plays hyper masculine roles and different cruel villains, in the commercial, transforms into a girl. This conversion creates a comical effect and ridicules the Danny Trejo and his male image. At the same time, Steve Buscemi is in the role of effeminate and whining girl. Such image levels the actor, who can be considered to be a male icon, to an ordinary girl, who is crying all the time. This replacement of men to the womens place creates a new image of a man. Crying and nervous or brutal and dull this is what the man image now.

In conclusion, Snickers Super Bowl Commercial is one of the brightest examples of successful and popular modern advertising strategies. It includes all necessary components for providing a good-quality of the advertisement. The advertisers use as many manipulative and convincing means as possible. The comical mood of the commercial helps a customer to memorize it for a long time. By inviting celebrities into the commercial, the range of target customer automatically increases. By ridiculing one of the male-female opposition, advertisers make the promo interesting and hot topic for discussion. The skillful combination of these techniques makes Snickers Commercial one of the best advertisements ever.

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