Topics for Global History Thematic Essay Assignments

If you feel that the work of historians excites your genuine interest and you can look into the historical past professionally, you will find it exciting to work on a global history thematic essay.

Arguments play a very important role in writing essays on history. If you have an assignment for a class of history and it does not require any outside research, the arguments are still needed. For instance, your university professor may assign to you an academic paper on how different colonial Virginia and colonial New England are. At first, you may believe that such a paper with a directly formulated topic needs no arguments; still, the issue is in looking for the correct answer. Even in this essay, the argument will be the focus of the constructed paper. One of the possible answers can imply that colonial Virginia and colonial New England differ in their perspectives on colonization. You may also state that the main reason for the differences is either the geographical background or extant alliances that the Indian groups from different regions had.  Your argument may also be based on a combination of all those factors. In any case, your assertions will require an argument that needs valid historical evidence. All kinds of papers on history require the arguments that can drive the text and require solid evidence.

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Key Constituent Parts of a Global History Thematic Essay

There are two main constituent parts of essay writing on history: an effective thesis and solid evidence. Besides, the essay is typically divided into such parts as an introduction, the body with the development of the presented argument, and a conclusion. Here are the basic requirements to all types of scholarly writing, however lengthy the text may be. 

Icon 2 Thesis Writing

The foundation for quality essay writing on historical topics is a proper thesis. It can be defined as an argument or a statement presented by the author as his or her interpretation of a raised issue or position related to a certain problem. A common mistake of numerous students is to restate the question asked by the instructor and view it as a thesis. It is a must for the writer to show that the text uses the principles of critical thinking and originality. Therefore, it is wrong to repeat the question as it shows no perspective of the author. The professor values your interpretation and perspective of the problem. Is it right to view a thesis as the writer’s opinion on a question related to history? It is only partially right. A thesis is a special perspective, different from a common one. It is based on the argument, presented in a systematic and logical way, not on a belief only. Everybody views the problem differently, but if a student is working on a critical essay, it is essential to make sure that the essay emphasizes the availability of different views on the same issue. Still, the paper is supposed to specify the view of the writer and emphasize its correctness. 

Icon 3Presenting Evidence

What is necessary to present a solid argument? First of all, you should have a thesis with strong ideas; secondly, you require good evidence. These two factors are obligatory. The talent of a historian should make sure that the case is presented to the readers after it is compiled effectively.  There will be no power in a thesis if it is not supported with the evidence. The significance of details, dates, and quotes included is very low without any support. What you are supposed to do is to choose only relevant facts of significant importance and present them, defending your individual position, in a persuasive, reasonable, and systematic manner. You will be able to give sufficient support to the argument if you can create correct bibliographies and use the footnotes without any mistakes. Those are the requirements to professional attitude as the author’s thesis can be demonstrated against the thesis with the help of effective footnotes. The author delegates checking the evidence to the readers as it can help them either accept or reject the presented thesis. Having submitted the paper, you will be sure that the instructor will be able to check on the originality of sources in case the argument you give is not sufficiently clear. Accurate notes with specific evidence will enable the readers to verify the facts and believe you as the author of the essay. Standard forms of footnotes are presented below.

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Do not forget to pay special attention to the following aspects:

Your ideas should be organized in writing. Your task is to set the arguments in the correct order and ensure proper connection to the supporting evidence. The thesis should be changed if there is a certain contradiction between the thesis and the evidence. The evidence will remain the same, but you should add clearer text, citations, and quotes that can help you sound clearer and more persuasive in your writing. Lengthy quotes will not do any good for the essay, as they will take the valuable space without any clarification of the essential points. Integration of citations into the essay argument should be systematic and logical. The quotes do not speak for themselves. The writer is supposed not merely to provide the evidence as it is, but to give all the explanations and analysis, demonstrating the importance and value of the chosen facts and ideas. 

It is essential to pay attention to the order of the paragraphs and their construction. It is a must to start every paragraph with a bright topic sentence, while others will clarify it. The argument should logically show development. The points should be presented sequentially sentence after sentence, paragraph one after paragraph two. If the arguments are detailed in random order and the facts are simply listed, the essay will not be strong. It is not possible to find a universal approach to the sequencing of ideas in the argument; nevertheless, the readers will be convinced your ideas are right if the points are ordered logically and developed systematically. 

Transitions play a special role in effective writing. Switching to a new essay argument, you let the readers know about the new idea from a topic sentence. It is wrong just to let the readers guess what you mean. Your mission is to convince the readers and communicate your ideas. 

Your conclusion will require your utmost attention as it summarizes all the arguments and closes the text. The readers are mostly impressed by the final sections like it happens with the closing statements to the jury. No one is going to judge you, but the readers will make the evaluation of your writing and your task is to improve the presentation as much as you can. 

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Global History Thematic Essay Sample to Read for Free

Thought-Provoking Global History Thematic Essay Topics

  • Christopher Columbus voyages
  • Middle-age chivalry 
  • Medicine in the turn of the 20th century
  • Trends in fashion: transition from the 50s to 60s 
  • European economics: effects of the World War I
  • Culture of the hippie in the 1960s
  • Nuclear weapons: history and effects 
  • Piracy: The golden age 
  • British rule in India: how it all ended
  • The year 1974: Carnation Revolution 
  • Roman sport: history and background
  • Music related to politics 
  • Dark Ages in Greece
  • How the Aztecs had lived the colonists arrived
  • Julius Caesar: biography and impressive facts 
  • New Zealand: reparations for the Maori 
  • Australia: historical background
  • What happened to the Romanovs 
  • The Berlin Wall fall
  • Hiroshima and Nagasaki: atomic bombings in 1945
  • Most influential discoveries of the XIX century
  • Holocaust: lessons everybody has to learn 
  • Olympic Games: background

There different essays on global history topics and the instructions of professors may differ. Follow them, and keep in mind that is always willing to assist if you have encountered any problems with your writing.

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