Sport Paper Topics

  1. Possible injuries in gym. This is one of the most popular sport paper topics, as more and more people go to gym nowadays.
  2. The element of violence in hockey: is it necessary for winning?
  3. Side effects of using additional testosterone by female athletes.
  4. Michael Phelps: setting seven world records at once.
  5. The corruption scandal of FIFA in 2015: Researching the details.
  6. Fitness bracelets as helpers in exercise.
  7. Healthy diet for heavy weight lifters.
  8. The concept of sportsmanship and its importance for fair competition.
  9. Shall the champions be stripped off all their titles if doping use is discovered years later after the competition?
  10. Overtraining as a demotivating factor in competitions.
  11. Starting professional sports in childhood: advantages and risks.
  12. Meditation as a tool for fighting stress for professional athletes.
  13. Swimming styles and their benefits for health of amateur sportsmen.
  14. The percentage of male and female athletes in different sports.
  15. The impact of regular exercise on brain performance in young adults.
  16. The role of emotional intelligence in personal performance at the Olympics.
  17. Faking injuries in football: infamous cases.
  18. The importance of equipment for excellent performance.
  19. The case of Dora Ratjen: gender identification and its role in sport achievements.
  20. The use of pine tar in baseball: cheating or facilitating better performance?
  21. Typical hazards of exercising without supervision.
  22. Social pressure as a key reason for the use of doping in sport.
  23. Effective compressions for soothing pain in a sprained ankle.
  24. Treatment of torn ligament fibers. Using technology for faster recovery.
  25. Menstruation cycles: challenges for professional female bodybuilders.
  26. Osteochondritis as a result of sport microtrauma in children.
  27. The controversial story of Lance Armstrong: does cheating overweigh the personal achievement?
  28. Preventing spondylolisthesis in gymnastics exercises.
  29. Concussions: rates of risk in different sports.
  30. Adaptation of sport games for the elderly.
  31. World sports as a global entertainment: is it good that sport competition has become a show?

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  1. Exercises for toddlers: safe sport from the early years.
  2. 5 signs of concussion: providing timely help.
  3. The importance of team building in team sports.
  4. Violence in sports: How to prevent aggressive acts among team players.
  5. The cases of age falsification in gymnastics: why lie about the age?
  6. The use of glucosamine: a must for weightlifters.
  7. The use of technologies in curing cervical spine injuries.
  8. Sports for the elderly: safe exercise for healthy life.
  9. Physical education in elementary schools: do children exercise enough?
  10. Physiological factors that increase the risk of traumas in athletics.
  11. Overcoming burnout in sport: importance of psychological consulting of athletes.
  12. Usain Bolt: one of the fastest humans alive.
  13. The risk of anorexia among teenage gymnasts.
  14. The benefits of playing team sports for teenagers.
  15. Psychological preparation of athletes before the Olympics.
  16. Ankle brace as a protective measure against injury.
  17. Nutrition as an important element of sporty lifestyle.
  18. Vitaly Scherbo: the impeccable technique of the gymnast.
  19. What it takes to become a professional athlete: 10 qualities of a champion.
  20. Motor doping: how cycling professionals cheat at championships.
  21. Protein biosynthesis as a key process for growing healthy muscles.
  22. Results of physical examination for athletes vs. regular people.
  23. Focused attention as a winning factor in sports competition.
  24. Why swimming has the lowest injury rate among other sports? This could be one of the greatest sport argumentative essay topics.
  25. Aggression as a side effect of heavy training.
  26. The role of positive motivation in success of professional athletes.
  27. Visualizing as a psychological tool for winning athletic competitions.
  28. The relation between stress and athletes’ performance.
  29. Dehydration during outdoors sport games: signs and first aid.
  30. Female rhythmic gymnasts: an obligation to be slim.
  31. Stretching as the best prevention against injuries.
  32. Distance running legends. The record of Haile Gebreselassie.
  33. Regular exercise and its positive effect on health.
  34. Sports-related deaths: statistics of the past year.
  35. Preventing blunt trauma among young sportsmen.
  36. World University Games: Global event for teenage athletes.
  37. Fitness for children: how to teach kids to exercise and avoid injuries.
  38. 5 personal qualities that every coach needs to have.
  39. Eating disorders among athletes.
  40. Kurt Angle: the legend of pro wrestling.
  41. The role of hormones in the growth of muscles.
  42. The role of palmar abduction of the thumb in arm-wrestling competitions. 
  43. Hebb’s theory application to the phenomenon of muscle memory.
  44. Superbowl as a global phenomenon of the modern sports culture.
  45. The greatest records of Olympics, still unbeaten today. Out of all sport paper topics, this one deserves a special attention, as the phenomenal records can be referred to as achievements of the whole humanity.
  46. The challenges of track athletics.
  47. Female sport icons of the past 10 years.
  48. The legendary Steffi Graf and his personal best at tennis.
  49. How the development of sport has changed the body image in the modern world.
  50. The views of Christians on sports. Does religion approve professional sports competition?
  51. The popularity of Hockey: comparative analysis of different countries.
  52. Shall teenagers choose between education and sports career?
  53. The role of family in fostering a sports champion.
  54. Sports engineering: enhancing the athletes’ performance.
  55. How to excel in tennis: aspects to focus on.
  56. Why we should encourage girls to play team sports at schools.
  57. Dallas Cowboys: The most popular team.
  58. Promotion of amateur sports for the healthy nation.
  59. Doping control in college competitions.
  60. Developing fitness courses for different age groups.
  61. Pot Belge: how it determined the development of cycling competition.
  62. Safe sports supplements and their sensible usage.
  63. The role of antioxidants in renewing muscles after intensive training.
  64. The popularity of team sport games: tendencies of the present.
  65. The use of stem cells to enhance athletes’ performance: myth or the real future?

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