The Great Innovator

The first of Steve Job’s innovations is still around today it is a Macbook computer

Steve along with his friend  created it in their  garage and started selling those the very same day. Surely by today Macbook is different from what they were as the  technology evolves and progresses. After Steve jobs has returned to the company,  he continued defining new age of technology. This time he came up with an iPod, revolutionary gadget of a pocket size that  could store up to 1000  songs. The concept of sensory gadget that can be controlled without buttons with just a touch was being explored back in the 2000  upon Jobs’s request. That idea gave birth to the iPod touch and the iPhone. He was one step ahead of the digital era, his inventions were  and still are top trends. Just like the iPad that has become one of the most popular trends  as soon as it came out and still is a very desirable gadget to own.

The gadgets transformed the society greatly in many ways

First of all, having an iPod touch or iPhone has enabled people to connect to the internet virtually everywhere and send emails, have video conferences just about anywhere. This has been a great change for people, their communication culture, and interaction patterns. The Apple tablets has been a real help for students in engineering and number of other fields  of study that require detailed visualizations, as the iPad allows the  user to view 3 dimensional models and spin and rotate them in any angle  simply with the touch. This provides much more precise experience which leads to the better understanding. And the gadget itself is light and easy to carry around with nearly all the functions of the computers.

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I believe that Steve Jobs was particularly effective at the all kinds of innovation as his mind was never  put in a standard issue box  provided by the education. Steve Jobs always did  what he thought was right and he never cared about what other people think about it. He dropped out of college as he believed it was a waste of money. Another reason what could have contributed to the success of Steve Jobs’s was his stubbornness and persistence. He had not once bet to someone else’s suggestions regarding his own product.  Steve was never generous for politeness, more like he was rude and very little concerned about the others when it came to his ideas and products. Probably the combination of precise knowledge of what he wanted along with the stubbornness and exceptional out of the box thinking has enabled Steve Jobs to come up with the revolutionary , era defining  gadgets.

Steve Jobs sets brilliant example how one person even without formal education can change  the word. However, it is important to understand the quantity of time Jobs spent on self education and that he did not give up on studying, he  just chose the cheap way. Another great conclusion can be made that it  is important to stand up for  what you believe is right, and  not to  allow other people  alter your ideas and creations just because they don’t fir in their standard edition mind  boxes.  However, it was also revealed that Steve Jobs has not been an easy person to work or live with. He was a true genius, but with a very bad temper  not many people could handle. He was idealized during his life, with people thinking that he was nothing less than a god of a digital revolution. Only after he  passed away, people got to learn the true nature of the genius.

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