Quality Gurus and their Philosophies Essay

The Indian railway system has come a long way

With initially 42 independent systems that were running through India to the fourth largest railway system in the world after the USA, China and Russia. At this point Indian railways  is one of the busiest and larges railway networks of the world. Initially whole infrastructure has been developed  by British people for transportation of  goods. Now India railways is working on providing high quality passenger transportation.

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As the quality of travel itself is satisfactory, the services that go along are far from that

The food system receives a lot of complaints and is a cause for a great discomfort for the passengers and was severely damaging their traveling experience. For example, the products used are out of date or the dishes served are cold and unsatisfactory. The result of inspection of pantry areas was  shocking, the insanitary conditions provided good explanation for the large number of food poisoning  complaints from the   passengers. This definitely needs a change, and there are couple of methods that can be suggested for this situation to be fixed.

It seems that the best solution for this problem as it seems  to me is to invite international vendors and caterers that have been known for their high standards. Under supervision of the Indian railways they will be  providing excellent food service to the passengers. At the same time they  will provide healthy competition and example to the local vendors and catering companies which will lead to the growth of the quality of their services.  Another wise thing to do is higher operational managers from abroad with experience of working in world renowned catering companies. The will implement work standards as they know them from their previous job. This should bring major improvement ot the catering services on the trains and on the railway stations.

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