New York’s Architecture

New York, or the Big Apple is described as one of the greatest cities in the world. One of the main reasons for such a description is the architecture. The city boasts both traditional and contemporary forms of architecture. As time transcends, the architecture of the city slowly evolves. The architectural pieces of the recent time are often a reflection of the modern techniques, material and values. Particularly from the 1990s to hitherto, the architecture has made use of modern times and techniques to create aesthetic appeal well as function. As such, the focus of the discussion will be on how three architectural pieces located in New York integrate modernity into function and aesthetics.

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The first and most notable architecture is the 9/11 Memorial. It was opened in 2011, by architects Michael Arad, and Peter Walker and Partners The piece is located the where the world trade center used to stand. It covers approximately 8 actress of the 16 acre location. The most outstanding aspects of the site are the two large reflecting pools and waterfalls. Each is approximately the size of one acre, setup in the foot print of the Twin Towers. The memorial plaza is considered as an eco-friendly zone. The piece is surrounded by more than a total of 400 trees, around the pools. The site exudes hope and a fresh starts. Its gives rise to a contemplative serene space that contrasts the usual hustle and bustle of the city.

The plaza’s design is that of modern architecture. The oak trees that appear to swamp-like give rise to a canopy towering over the plaza. The trees have a green hue during spring, while in the summer it has seasonal colors. Memorial Glade, is a clearing in the grove, which serves as a space for ceremonies and special gatherings. The use of grey undertone is excellent for the conveyance of sadness. The surface is made up of stone pavers, little ground cover as well as plantings. The stream of water flowing communicates continuity, with the surrounding dull glow lights emanating hope. Symbolically, there is a void at the center, interpreted to mean the large gap left. Trees cycle of rebirths widens the experience of the memorial.

The Plaza is able to serve its purpose. The serenity and hope associated with it gives the audience hope and a feeling of revival. It is a place that echoes a feeling of lose. It also serves as a commemoration site for the world trade center and its victims. It is a unique ensemble that stands out from the city’s environment as a result of the serenity that it exudes. The architecture is a clear example of how simplicity can convey emotional and strong architecture.

The second feature under evaluation is the 41 Cooper Square, which was designed by Mayne Tom from Morphis. It was completed in the year 2009. The building is a Nine story space, severing as an academics center. It houses the Arberete Nerken schools, as well as other schools in Manhattan New York. It also houses an auditorium, gallery as well as retail space on its ground level. Compared to its surrounding environment, the building is a sharp contrast with the environment. At a glance, the building exudes modernity and excellence of the current times.

The style of the architecture can be described as a powerful engagement of the urban buildings in the surrounding. In reference to open, free and accessible education, the building is open to the rest of the city symbolically. Its strongest feature is its outwards translucent cover. The design of the building started from the inside out, with its center being the vertical piazza .The piazza is the informal, intellectual and relative space, making up the heart of the building. The building is a vibration of shadow, light, and transparency via a heavy performance outside texture, that is translucent. It is a response to the sculpted façade. It has a unique identity from within.

The building is able to serve its function since it is medium for a dialogue across disciplines, which previously were housed in separate buildings. It is a clear reflection of the values, goals and aspirations of the academic center. There is a contrast between the building and the environment since the building is in an environment of mid and high rise buildings. The commercial businesses are at the ground level, the upper floors hold residential. 41 cooper square is an incorporation of technologies in their sustainable form. The building is a classic example of how architecture can reflect the values and status of the community through time.

The final piece of architecture under examination is the 40 Bond Street. The unique name refers to the address and name of the pioneer luxury and residential project, it is located in Manhattan New York. It was designed by the Herzog and de Meuron group of architects. They have come to be known for their modern composition and minimalist techniques the building had been described as ornamental, drawing its inspiration from the building in the district. It has rich details of iron casts. Since the building was completed in the year 2007, the building has stood as one of the most iconic aspects of the current generation in the city of New York.

The building’s style is very basic yet contemporary. The concept of the architectures was to setup two different living spaces, the first was a townhouse and the other an apartment block. By employing such a design, the architects interpreted a radical perception of traditional construction through the use of iron cast. One of the most outstanding features of the structure is the stiles bell glass strategically located at the facade of the building, reflecting the existing iron foregrounds present in the neighborhood. In a way, the building blends with its environment, yet still manages to standout. The design was focused on the environment, without limitation, and is also an interpretation of the traditional elements of the neighborhood and contemporary aspects.

The building is able to perform its function. Nonetheless, the aesthetic values attached to the structure have no function. The building also serves to residences with a cozy and beautiful place of accommodation. It standout from the environment due to its simplicity, and modernity all in one. The building is a classic example of how simplicity can be reinterpreted to communicate modern values. The structure made use of the most basic shapes and colors. It reinforces the concept that simplicity and aesthetics can go hand in hand. Simplicity is a concept that the contemporary architectures often overlooks, yet retains authority over the overall image of a building.

In conclusion, New York being a city that can boast one of the most contemporary features in architecture I think that the secrete that makes the architecture superior is the incorporation of simplicity and complexity seamlessly. The three architecture examples discussed above an indication of how the contemporary architecture can be simple, yet expressive and functional. I took note of the fact the pieces discussed all stand out of the environment rather than blend. The architects were not afraid to dare and challenge the society. The pieces are a master piece since they push the envelope. For architecture all around the globe to the be at the same lave as New York, then architects must think beyond the physical boundaries and the boundaries of time.

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