Compensated Dating

Every minute, every second, the world is changing, and along with it our values change to adapt. Today people concentrate more on money or materialistic values more than they ever did in the history of the society.  Unfortunately decade by decade the materialistic values has changed how we see things, how we do things. Since people work so much to earn money they have lost adequate social skills of basic communication, they do not have enough time to maintain healthy relationships, or any relationships for that matter.

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And in the world that is currently ruled by money, people have found the perfect solution for this problem, compensated dating. Compensated dating concept has originated in  Japan, mostly older people have been giving luxury gifts or money to young people for companionship and  possibly sexual favors. Due to the atrophy of necessary social skills and lack of time, men are unable to find themselves a companion or significant other nd form healthy relationship with them. With the money they earned they by themselves companion or a friend for a night. And as sad as it is to realize that women agree for them monetary compensation or other rewards to accompany men and provide sexual favors, basically they are selling they are souls and bodies. People have become unable to form healthy and long term bonds with each other.

To conclude, I would like to say that the monetary benefits outweigh healthy relationships and normal social life. Busy parents instead of giving their time to kids, give them money trying to buy happiness, which teaches kids all the wrong lessons. One can only hope that those kids when grow up will try to change the world around, knowing the faults of materialistic world firsthand. 

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