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Although human sexuality seems to be a pretty simple notion from the first glance, in fact, it is a very complex concept. The sexuality is experienced differently by each person and is classified according to their inner feelings. One kind of sexuality is asexuality; unlike celibacy, it is not a choice, it is intrinsic feeling that is a part of a person. This feeling is not easy to sort through; therefore, it requires a lot of correct information to sift through and understand oneself better.

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The website is a great tool for people who have just come across the concept of asexuality and need to get more information on this subject. This website will not give them 100% answer whether they are asexual or not, but will definitely provide them with plenty of information to make an informed decision about their sexual orientation. Also, the website gives a great sound advice to first vuisit the doctor if the people do no experience sexual attraction or desire as this can be an underlying cause for the serious disease that requires treatment. They cover all bases just to make sure that the person is not sick.

I believe that asexuality is a legitimate sexual orientation. Normally, people do not have power over their sexual feelings and cannot force themselves to be attracted to the other gender or to be attracted to anyone at all. Sexuality of the person is a personal thing, and there is no canceling what the person feels, so if the person thinks that he or she is asexual, I believe there is nothing wrong with that as long as the person is in peace with her inner sexuality and feelings.  Also, I believe that having websites like this is very helpful for people to figure out who they are.

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