Same Sex Performances

1. What was the purpose or theme of the study? What behavior were the researchers attempting to understand? 

The researcher was attempting to research on the people’s attitudes towards same sex performances. The researcher is conducting a research that aims at exploring the attitudes as well as personal experiences in regard to same-sex sexual behaviour, the bahavior include kissing and touching among other bahaviors which can be made at request or be encouraged on observation. The behavior in this group of people are in most cases is asked in an environment that is public, like in an event, this will be done in a privately

2. Who were the researchers? Did they appear to be professional? For example, were they psychologists and/or associated with a college or university?

The research was approved by Towson University's Institutional Review Board on behalf of the University and had a group carrying out the research headed by Dr. Paz Galupo who was the lead investigator. The work was professionally done and it seems to have been prepared by a professional.
3. How was the study constructed or designed? Did they use a questionnaire or survey, have you complete an activity, write an essay response?

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The paper was designed by the use of a questionnaire that one needed to respond to to complete the questionnaire. The paper did not have any activity to be completed and depended on responding to the responses in the questionnaire.
4. What information did they require? Did they ask that you submit descriptive information such as gender, age, race, or ethnic group? Did they require identifying information such as name, address, etc.? Were you asked to disclose any revealing personal information (relationship information, emotions, personality, habits, etc.)? Did they describe how your privacy would be protected?
The paper requested information in regards to the subject which was people’s attitudes towards same sex performances. The questionnaire requested responses on descriptive information such as race, level of education, age, and sexual orientation among others. The questionnaire did not request information in regards to indentifying information. The questionnaire also did not also request for any information that can be considered to be revealing. The researchers also made a point to define the privacy that will be provided by the paper which it stated that no information provided by the survey could provided to other people. The study guaranteed confidentiality of any information presented.
5. Describe the actual experience of completing the research so that the reader can get a sense of the your experience and an understanding of the project. (You need not include your actual responses if you are uncomfortable doing so. However, I consider whatever you share with me to be confidential.)

The experience in the study was challenging as it required provision of information on a subject of same sex relationship which is a subject that creates a lot of debate in the United States and the rest of the world. Some of the information asked was whether I had acted to encourage same sex behaviors .

6. Did they supply you with any information regarding the results of your participation at the end of the research? Did they give you any data or information on the general results or conclusions drawn from their study (or promise to do so in the future)?

At the end of the research no information was provided on the results of the test immediately. It confirmed they will be releasing the results of the study later.
7. Did they provide a means to contact them if you had any questions or concerns about your experience in the research project? If someone became upset by the experience, did they offer support or a means of assistance?

The research provided means of contacting them in case one is upset or need confirmation of information. They had an email address and phone number in the information and they provided support as well as a provision of other assistance.
8. Would you recommend that other students participate in this particular research project? Explain?

I would recommend to other students to participate in other research that is similar to the set research as it will lead to provision of more information. A student who participate in the study will also provide more information needed to improve in research.

9. Feel free to list any final thoughts about your experience.

The experience was interesting and worked to help me rethink day to day isues.

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