Migration to United States

Migration is the movement of human beings from a certain geographical area to another over a long or short distance. Migration could be for a large group or small group of people. Does migration to the United States have significance to the Mexicans? And does this approach change the lives of the immigrants? Migration to the United States is as a result of several factors:

Education system in the Mexican context is not a better education system

The first reason of immigration is seen from the writer’s experience. The writer went to the United States to get his education as seen in the text. Education has changed the life of the writer hence the life in the U.S changes the living standards of people, “deals with his sense of alienation from Mexican culture a result of going through the U.S. school system, through this education the writer is an author of several books, this translates to a source of income”.

The writer tries to explain the characteristics of a Mexican man is as follows: one that only has a few personal items that can only be carried by a plastic bag , a smoker and has no other cloths to wear apart from the one he’s moving with “wearing two pants, two shirts, and two underpants”. The writer predicts U.S. to be the place that his life would change if he migrates there and therefore many Mexicans struggle to go there “you are a young boy from Mexican village. “You have come into a country on your knees with your head down”. This is a comparison showing the life in Mexico as a hard life and he expects a better one in the United States.

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The boy- the writer, though young his life has a changed since he went to the U.S. he can be able to drive the father “papa”. The father describes the writer as a lucky boy. He also says that at his young age he needed to study since this was hard to obtain, “he wanted books and he had none”.

Life in America was good according to the text

The Mexicans men went to America to get jobs “In the fifties, Mexican men were contracted to work in the America as ‘braceros’, farmworkers”. If a country can provide this provision to non-natives then it means it a good place and economically stable. The workers lives changed gradually as seen in the text, they could be able go for leisure. “I saw men my age drunk in Plaza Parrk on Sundays, on their backs on the grass”. “Or they would come into town on Monday nights for the wrestling matches or on Tuesday for boxing”, both of these show an improved living standard.

The Mexicans could also be able to contain there families in Mexico

They could send the surplus money they got from the work they did. This is a change in the financial capabilities. “On Saturday, they came into town to the Western Union office where they sent money-money turned into humming wire and then turned back into money-all the way down into Mexico.”

The Mexicans lives have really changed in the United States; the migration could be seen as successful trip. The management of there upkeep and the financial freedom shows how the immigrants-Mexicans have found an enjoyable home-U.S. Though the Mexican’s are benefiting form the trip there are very mean. They develop there country but ignore the feeder country as seen in the text. “They kept themselves poor for Mexico”.

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