Sitting at the extreme corner of the football pitch, I could see most parts of the school

The most striking incident was a case of two guys in a mock-fight. They were gently playing next to me, with the shorter stout one kicking his colleague who was lying on the ground. There were no signs that a fight would generate between them until suddenly the guy who had been lying on the ground stood up. He looked around if there was anyone around and punched his colleague on the chest. Although he looked hurt, his colleague continued with the mock-fight, kicking him from his standing position. It was at that point that a real fight ensued between the two friends. I did not attempt to stop them as that would deny me the chance to observe them. Within a short stint, a third guy emerged from the pitch quite excited. He found the two guys still engaged in the fight and sat down close to them, seemingly enjoying the show. The two fighters did not mind his presence either as they seemed so preoccupied with the fight. There was no option for me, I had to go and stop the fight. Luckily, the third guy joined me in stopping the fight.

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The social context where the incident took place was a school compound where fighting is conventionally regarded as illegal. Thus, the three guys seemed to violate social norms. For instance, the first two guys allowed their innocent play to generate into a fight due to high temperament. It’s quite uncommon for friends to engage in a fight, especially when they had been playing only a few moments before. In addition, the society expects that one would stop a fight instead of sitting down to enjoy the show. However, the action cannot be regarded as illegal because there are no laws prohibiting it. It’s a typical example of social deviance.

In conclusion, there are behaviors that are not totally prohibited by the society

However, the society considers them unacceptable. Such behaviors can be perfectly described as deviant behaviors. This was clear from the experimental study.

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