African American Society

Life as an adolescent in this current day America is full of challenges that would only require the inclusion of all stake holders in the psychology spheres to make one go through successfully.  The Africa American society presents even more challenges to these youngsters than they can arguably go through. Safety concern is on the increase with the popular hip hop culture and the get rich quick phenomenon that it preaches brain washing quite a bigger percentage of this young portion of the society. It is not bad to explore ones musical talents but what quantifies one a musician and does it truly reflect that every single African American can most defiantly rap. These are some of the underlying issues that have continued to derail most of these children with lots of their concerns being on how to make quick money and the dream of living at the celebrity status. (Herrenkohl, 2005)

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At school most of these children are drawn to mischief with the tendency to talk with an accent and an English version that is more of a pidgin coming to the fore. This is a problem and so for as long as the society does not move with speed to rectify this then lots of potential brains shall go into waste as this great country struggles to retain its prestigious position as the world’s greatest economy. It is true that with this growing diversion from academic concentration yet the African American population continues to grow; the possibility of America retaining this status remains highly questionable.

The African American society is full of prosperous individuals who became achieved this status mainly through the entertainment industry and such individuals continue to be admired by the children in these societies. The hip hop culture that developed with the inception of this genre of music brought with it some other vices though. With it came the extensive consumption of drugs, and crime thrives with it too.  Under the umbrella of hip hop music there has developed a class of very rich drug peddlers and re known criminals who mug, maim and even kill to maintain the flashy life style that this culture is known for. This is the kind of society that the African American children turn into adolescent. When they get to this stage most of them automatically get to appreciate street life and their requirements all of a sudden increase that the family cannot provide for. They therefore begin to look for ways of sustaining themselves, the develop the hip hop pidgin and quite a number get contracted as drug traffickers, they become defiant and would not very often listen to their parents and they watch as their live progressively seeps away. Very many children correctional facilities are full of African American males and these are wasted pairs of hands that could otherwise been used to move the American economy to even greater heights. To remedy the problem, the paper proposes a number of strategies key among them being:

Lots of societal engagement and intervention: the society is challenged not to close their eyes and pretended that all is okay because as a matter of fact it is not. The family heads must begin to pay more attention to the concerns that have been identified and work on strategies that would salvage the situation. There could be talent in some of these children and that is indeed not being disputed. But a talent without proper management is a wasted resource. The families should instill in the children the sense to love and embrace school and teach them that talents are only better explored when one is schooled. This type of education is a responsibility of the entire society; the families should play their role by providing all that would constitute a conducive environment for academics while the entire society should offer role models to the children. A society full of rap artists dressed in their own style speaking a language that only them can understand and always showing that they have lots of money that they never worked hard to earn is a deserving environment. Even in the entertainment industries people work hard to achieve all that glamour, fame and money. The very first role models that children have are normally the parents, this means that the parents must strive to ensure that they be the best that they can and their best must be good enough on the entire society’s bench mark.

Seeking professional help on those that have extremely derailed, there are levels that this dream to become hip hop stars get these children but in as far as he or she is still a child then there is still room for change and the change at such a level would only be effected by professionals. Parents of such children should solicit the services of psychologists and move the children to full treatment. With a lot more medical engagement there still lies a possibility that one would change and become a responsive member of the society.  It would be hard though to force a child that has gone past a certain stage and that is why it is advisable that families begin molding their children to be what they would want them to be at a tender age rather than wait till the children get to ages of sixteen or seventeen to begin looking for such services.

Discipline and correction: the African American society should be a little more punitive in nature. An outright indiscipline child should face severe consequences of the acts of indiscipline that they engage in as this culture of defiance is born out of simple instances of assumptions that the children begin to pick at very early ages. The society must also provide living examples to the children by seeing those who engage in acts of crime, as this is normally part of the hip hop culture, punished by being thrown into penitentiaries and correctional facilities. Whatever happens in these correctional facilities should also be monitored and be of value to the convicts. It is pointless for one to be enclosed in a place for months just to come out later the very individual who went in. while in there the government must lay down ways of ensuring that these individuals indeed change to become members of the society who would impact positively to the growth and development of the society. When an individual comes out of prison a changed individual he or she thus becomes a point of reference and the children get to learn from such never to get involved in detrimental acts.

In retrospect, the article does not demonize the African American society and the popular hip hop culture, as a matter of fact the entertainment industry in the country is a key pillar to the entire American economy with such magnificent cities being entirely built by the sector. It only calls for a change of attitude to see to it that these young members of the American society do not grow up to become less responsive individuals. It calls for timely identification of talents and their subsequent proper management. It should also be made known that the economy can not only depend on entertainment and this article thus calls for diversification. The knowledge of diversification can only be passed to the society at this tender age. 

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