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XXY Movie Analysis

The movie XXY highlights a very controversial and debatable topic, which at the same time greatly influences the people’s lives.  Being an intersex person is clearly an out of ordinary experience anyone can have, as many people have hard time growing up with just one gender.

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If I were the parent I would not let my child go further than 5-6 years of age

I would observe the behavior of my child at the age where it is still natural and see which gender behavior the child is more prone to; and based on that observation I would make a gender choice.   As the children in that age act impulsively, they are not yet conscious about their behavior, the way Alex acted was probably the best choice of her future at that moment. I know there would still be a chance for failure, but I believe the situation would turn out much better than it did in the movie.  Teenagers often struggle while developing with one gender due to increased hormones levels and emotionality, one should imagine those doubled ones. What kid would be able to deal with this?

The parents kept their child’s intersex a secret and were supporting the child in keeping both genders until becoming old enough to make the decision. However , after living such a long time  with the both sets of organs and double identity,  Alex got used to them and is neither taking his medications,  nor wants to have a surgery, which of course brings havoc to the family, as the parents are trying to be persistent about the gender choice.

Alex’s parents handled the situation as they knew best.  No one could predict how the events would unfold.  It is just that I would have approached it a little bit differently.

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