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Why Art Failed Us After 9/11

In the essay “Why Art Failed Us After 9/11” by  Nick Gillespie, the author  discusses the aftermath of the events of the 11th of September and its reflection in the arts. Nick sums up that in the long run the terrorist attack did not cause any major changes, and the people who planned it achieved nothing but destruction. The narrator notes that people as a part of coping mechanism do not hesitate to avoid or suppress memories in order to heal psychologically. The world has gone back to what it was before the attack nearly in all the aspects; subways are running, new buildings are being built instead, people go their usual ways. It is mentioned that probably soon we will pay as much attention to the reminders of 9/11 as we now pay to the World War II. One of the means of keeping the memories alive is art, and, having a decade to come up with an art pieces to commemorate the tragic events, artists have failed  the world on this one. The early artistic reaction happened to be a couple of songs that never even made the chats, which is safe to assume that it happened as people were too emotionally either overwhelmed or numb in order to respond appropriately. The piece of art that brings us to the times of still standing twin towers  is “Man on Wire”. When watching it author conveys that he feels like nothing bad ever happened.

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Summary 2

Nick Gillespie in his work titled “Why Art Failed Us After 9/11” discusses the reflection of the artwork on the events of the 11th of September. He argues that the art have failed to respond properly and also to commemorate these dreadful events for people in order to honor and remember that in future. It might have happened because people were not yet ready to accept the art after such an emotional overload, or the art was not yet ready to properly react to those events.

Summary 3

Nick Gillespie in his work titled “Why Art Failed Us After 9/11” develops an idea that after over a decade after the terrorist attacks art did not come through with a proper reaction, the question is whether it was the quality of art or the grief that prevented people from accepting it.

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