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The Prince by Machiavelli

There are several points that Machiavelli was trying to convey in the given chapters

One of the points is that the Prince has to have strong moral codes and values, however, if the situation demands he will have to abandon them in his favor. He must  not posses only the good qualities, he just have to seem  to possess  them. This is the quality that the politicians before elections use before the elections Also the if the Prince has to choose between being hated or loved, he has to choose the first one. Fear is  far better for controlling individuals than  love according to Machiavelli. The ITAT company is very well known for practicing the fear by management. When choosing between the generosity or parsimony the Prince should not worry about the image of generous person.  Giving away to much money will lead to the empty the state treasury, which will lead to higher taxes and in the hatred from the people. The Prince should appear honest and merciful but  not necessarily  be such person. He should keep his promises when it is only  beneficial to him.

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These advice sound good if they are applied by the person with great critical thinking skills.  IF the person is a narcissist or of has some other psychological issues, these advice can cause more harm than good.

Looking back on history , we see that one hundred years ago the same mistakes were made,  one thousand years ago mistakes were identical. People instead of learning on our predecessors  mistakes prefer to learn of their own, thinking that it is different day and age. However, despite of all the changes that happened  to this world and humanity through centuries, human nature is still the same. People make same decisions and prefer to make the same  mistakes.

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