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Problem of Consumption Book Review

Problem of Consumption

In modern society, a problem of consumption is one of the most actual. We are living in the world where capitalism and commercialism are established as the main form of social relations, and it involves the growth of the range of goods and services making us the consumer society, and leads us to permanent necessity of choice-making. The real essence of choice and choice-making was considered by Lawrence B. Glickman in his “Consumer Society in American History”. There he points that although the possibility to choose among a huge variety of options gives us an opportunity to satisfy our needs in the best way, it has a range of disadvantages.

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“The more choices there are, the more wrong choices there are – and the higher the odds I’ll make a mistake.” – Glickman states. Choice also may have the following negative consequences. Making a correct selection requires from us to be well informed and have much time for this purpose. Having a wide range of options increases the probability of making incorrect choices what can lead us to disappointment, anxiety and blaming ourselves. It also can lead us to inept consumption because the more variants are exposed, the more information we need to have to make a suitable selection, but when overload occurs, it makes us abandon the posture of rational consumer, and we may consume excessive or unsuitable goods or services. Finally, choice may erode the self and reduce social bonding.

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Because a high level of consumption demands a high level of producing, it exhausts resources and leads to overproducing of many unnecessary (if to think rationally) things. Thus, there appeared a movement “Unconsumption”. The main aim of those who are committed to the idea of unconsumption is to reuse everything which can be recycled, reused or receive by means of non-industrial way of production instead of consuming goods proposed by a variety of companies. The projects created by “Unconsumption” are really effective in the area of reduction the level of consumption and a good way to preserve resources from being exhausted and restrict people in their uncontrolled consumption.

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