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The movie “ Philadelphia” is rather old, it was produced nearly 20 years ago

The time gap allows us to see the contrast on how people with HIV/ AIDS were treated back then and what misconceptions people had regarding those diseases.

One of the misconceptions about this terrible disease is that it can be contracted though living mischievous lifestyle. People thought that that was the most likely way to get HIV/AIDS, and that person who was living the wrong life was ignored and tormented by the society. Another fact in the movie that was clear and screaming display of the level of ignorance was unawareness of basic information in the HIV/AIDS.  The lawyer who shook hands with the main character, instantly rant to the doctor to see if he could have contracted the virus from his perspective client.

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Next great example is when the librarian announced that she found the book on AIDS to the person who requested it, people who were around started panicking as if the virus is airborne. They were so scared of that word that they acted as if they could have been able to contract the disease just by being in one room with the person who had requested a book on it. It was very insensitive and rude of them to do so, no human should have been treated like that.

Today there is definitely more information out there on the HIV/AIDS in the world, and the treatment and maintenance of the virus  have experienced great improvements since those hideous times. Nevertheless, no matter how much information you put out there to protect people, they still can choose to ignore those advice. People also can choose to get ignorant to all the information, and be cruel to people with HIV/AIDS.

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