Dec 19, 2017 in Review

Frida Kahlo

Often biographical films do not do justice to the people they are portraying, as there is a Hollywood and there is real life. Very often biographical portraits in the movies have some made up elements to make them more fascinating and more exciting for the viewers, and as a rule distorting the actual character and life sequence of the person. And a motion picture about such an extraordinary and vibrant person as Frida had to be outstanding to level with the person it is covering.

The movie is an outstanding portrait of Frida Kahlo, it absolutely accurately reflects her personality

The setting and all the visual elements are as bright and colorful and full of emotions, just like the paintings of her’s. With the use of all possible modern technology  very often the viewer   feels as if the paintings and  the reality merge and perfectly blend in together, providing the audience with a unique insight into the Kahlo’s mind.

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The concept of the movie is developed perfectly and portrays the unique and vibrant life of Frida very accurately.  Dues to the fact, that the life of Frida has been filled with famous and influential people from the spheres of art and politics, their biographies are accurate enough and smoothly blend into the Kahlo’s  life.  Trough the proper conceptualization the viewer can see how the works of Frida evolve and change,  as she struggles through life and pours her souls out on the canvas.

The movie “Women Art Revolution and Frida” is the perfect portrayal of her, as the visual effects literally take the audience inside her paintings and soul. The Concept of the movie is so well thought it has no gaps and faults. This is  so far the best movie biographical movie that I have ever seen, after watching it you feel like you know Frida as you dear friend.

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