The Most Deserving Dream in A Raisin in the Sun

In Hansberry's play A Raisin in the Sun, the Black American Younger family are discussing how to invest a large insurance sum of money, received after the death of the father of the family. The main character Walter wants to open his own business and dreams of success. His sister Beneatha wants to finish her studies at the university and become a doctor. Mama is going to buy a house for the whole family. Each of the characters of the play has his/her own specific dream, and their dreams together shape into a convincing and very humane parable about the American dream. The American Dream is what is considered the ideal of life, including the success and prosperity for every citizen of the United States, where every person, regardless of race, religion, or gender, has an opportunity to get what he/she deserves. Of all the major characters’ dreams, Mama's dream is the most worthy as her dream is the closest to the desired implementation of the American dream. Mama's dream is the most deserving as it is not selfish or concentrated on her own ambitions, but it cares for the welfare of the whole family.

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Mama's dream is not material; in this case, the house is not a building but a symbol of family happiness, peace, harmony, and unity. She does not want to live in the ghetto any more; she is craving for their own home with a garden and a yard. Throughout the play, the author constantly draws attention to the love, with which Mama takes care of her plant, worrying whether it gets enough water or light. She could be a great gardener in the new house. This plant is a symbol of how much she wants to have a big and comfortable home, and it gives a hint that her dream has a chance to come true. Mama cares about her children in the same way as about her plant, and it is a proof of how she loves her family.

Mama is the cornerstone, which keeps the whole family. She holds her children together and understands the importance of the family unity in any situations. Unlike the dreams of her children, the dream of the family home is unselfish, as she shows the selfless concern for the well-being of her children. Walter's dream could bring their family a comfortable life in the future only at first glance, as he was concerned mostly on his personal success. His dream to open a liquor store broken into pieces when some of the sum steals his partner. Beneatha's dream seems as noble at first glance, as she wants to treat people, which shows her high moral principles. However, it has nothing to do with the family values. Mama says that “it makes a difference when a man can walk on floors that belong to him”. It appears that only Mama's aim is to help her family live in better conditions, of which they all dreamed.

Mama's dream shows her great virtue. It means pure, sincere, and devoted love for her children. Dream cannot exist without love. It is what helps a person to live, what makes the life worthy. This is dream what allows a person to improve and make a progress, what makes a person more purposeful. Mama wants her children to be supportive and love each other: “There is always something left to love. And if you ain’t learned that, you ain’t learned nothing”. Mama's dream is the mover of love: if there is love, then, there is a dream, and vice versa.

The dream of a house is not transient, but gives children the opportunity to have their place under the sun, among the white population, a chance to implement a cherished American dream. Beneatha wants to be a doctor in Africa, explores her roots, and feels herself more like an African girl. However, Mama's dream is the wisest one and the only one among others, which is able to give the solid foundation. The house can ensure free and happy future in America not only for the mother and her children, but also for the future generations.

One more reason, why Mama's dream is the most important and worthy among the dreams of other members of the Younger family is that it was the dream of her late husband to have a house. In fact, the insurance money, which should be disposed by the members of the family, came to them because of their deceased father. Both Mama and her husband have been cherishing this dream for a long time. So implementation of the father's dream would be the most appropriate decision.

Mama's dream is the most worthy because it has survived despite the difficult life circumstances and obstacles. The difficulties always stand on the way to the implementation of a dream, but such true and unselfish dream is really worthy to fight for it. Her dream has suffered many barriers and temptations, but has managed to come true. Mama's dream is a victory over temptations and testing for the stability of family and its values. The temptation of abandoning this dream is evident in the episode, when Mr. Lindner from the Clybourne Park Improvement Association offers Walter a pact with the devil: a deal, according to which the Younger family should refuse to move to the completely white neighborhood. That man, being a representative of the white population, tries to bribe the Youngers only not to be their neighbor. Fortunately, Walter Lee has managed to refuse. Deviation from the conceived dream and acceptance of money means the betrayal of family values and the recognition of themselves as people of the second class. Walter realizes the exorbitant price of this deal on time, and rejects the offer of the tempter, saying that their family will move to this house, because their father has earned it “brick by brick”. As a result, despite the difficult and sometimes painful decision, Walter Lee wins not only Lindner and white community, but the demons, who settled in his own soul. The character becomes a hero in every sense of this word, and Mama's dream comes true.

Mama's dream helps the formation of family identity and means the victory over the white society. Thanks to it, the Younger family has made a significant step towards the realization of the desired American Dream, where all are equal in their rights. It is a revolutionary attempt to resist the social injustice. The family strongly decides to settle in the area, in which the black population has never lived before. This is a challenge to the established foundations and the desire to prove that any person must be respected, regardless of skin color. This play shows that the black population is more spiritual and human that the white one. Walter says that they are very proud people, whose values are not money but family unity”. They know all the hardships of life, but they are neither sold nor bought for money, unlike white people.

It should be concluded that dreams are very important human values. That is why, they must be noble, beneficial not only for one person but bring hapiness to others. Mama's dream of a house and family unity is the most deserving as it has gone through many difficulties, tested family for strength, and survived. Moreover, it is not a short-lived dream; it is able to withstand time, as the house will last with the family for generations. What is the most important, this dream shows the ability of people to make sacrifices for their loved ones and unite to overcome the difficulties.

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