United States Census Bureau Website

United States Census bureau website contains a lot of statistical information about the US population

The website can provide the information on who lives in the United States of America as well as how they live.  Te information can be searched by adding up search parameters, which will provide you  with very particular data. However, the data on the website is more of an estimate, as it is virtually impossible to ask all the population for the information needed. Every  year the representative sample of people is chosen and they are surveyed, each next survey has bigger sample which provides more reliable data.

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The website carefully and thoroughly explains the methods of the data gathering as well as data interpreting. Hence, if you don’t have the necessary  statistics knowledge for reading data,  on the website you can find a crash course to help you with that. The website visitor has access to statistical data and tools how to interpret it. This website provides  the information that can be easily used as a rough estimate for the general facts as well as for acquiring of very particular data.

For example if I am interested in the Native American population and their quality of life. I can look up the percentage of Native in the country as well as how they live, their living conditions. At the same time I can look up the same data for the rest of the population.  By comparing both sets of data I can receive the comparison of the living conditions of the indigenous population to the rest of the population. The data here can also provide data  for comparison of native American population with other  ethnic or racial minorities. The data on the website is thoroughly collected and therefore reliable which makes this website a credible source for further information inquiries 

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