Funding for the Education

Education is what sets careless childhood and full of responsibilities adulthood

Education is your ticket to the future; just like a ticket to a concert only the band playing is called “Life”. You can get VIP pass by going to Ivy League schools, or just average ticket to stand in the crowd or you can ignore it altogether and sit on the outskirts. However individual might be willing to study, but he would not be able to afford it, who knows, maybe if he would have received the education he wanted he could have found the cure for cancer, if only he had money to pay for it.

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One first thing that comes to mind is for the government to increase funding for the education

Sounds good, but it will lead to the tax increase, which in return will severely affect the incomes of the general population.  On one hand it is a great investment in the future of the nation, with possible long term improvement of the financial situation in general population. Although, with recent economic events, this might be a little bit too much than people can handle, despite long term benefits.  The next go to option for me is corporate funding of the education. This kind of scholarships might have more pros than cons. First of all the companies will pay for you to get the proper education. And most of the times they require you to work for their company. So you get employed right away and even if you don’t get to stay there you get prestigious work experience with which you can pursue your further career.

As for me there is no best option, some of them are good short term, some of them long term. I believe wise balance of number of changes should result in to great educational financial support that will work like clockwork.

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