Nature vs. Nurture

The question of nature and nurture has been a cause for the debates, researches and studies for many centuries. Moreover, this everlasting debate is most likely will never be proven to be one thing or another, as there are numerous cases in favor of the both sides. Adopted children that originally came from the families with drug problems and violence, having come into homes with healthy psychological environment and loving families,  have often come to be a great people who in no way resembled their parents.  On the other hand, there were cases of adopted children who, despite great nurturing environment,  on the contrary have come to live the same lives their biological parents lived. In addition, there is no way to prove scientifically what is stronger, nature or nurture. I personally believe that both aspects are crucial  to the development of the personality, however, I think that the nurture is a little bit more important and powerful, as it gives a chance to make up  or correct  what the nature gave us.

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In my life both nature and nurture aspects were great

By nature, I have been gifted with creativity and raw skills for creating great pieces of visual arts. My grandfather used to create great paintings, and he passed it on to my mother. Even though my mother was just a doctor, in her spare time, she used to decorate the house, and sometimes we would draw together.  That is when the parent s noticed that I am also good at it and I have this creativity in me.  This was something I have received as a part of my genes, and something I could not ignore when making my decisions on every day basis.

My environment that included my family, friends, and teachers have been really supporting and encouraging in development of my creativity and art skills. As my creativity, it has been influencing my worldview, ideas and actions; I was always different from the other kids. The things could go two ways, I could be discouraged to stand out and express my different point of view, and especially my peers could be cruel to me for being different, or be supported by people around me. Therefore, I am glad that the latter happened to me, my creativity was not suppressed, and on the contrary, it was supported in every aspect of my life. My school advisor helped me to pick more creative classes that would develop my skills and let me progress in this field. Often I was encouraged by a school principal to represent my school in the art competitions of different kinds. My environment has been encouraging and supportive for me to develop my skills, and I would hate to think what could have happened otherwise.

To sum up, I would like to say that both nature and nurture are important in our lives

Although, looking at my life I believe that for me nurture has played the great role in my development, and I have seen it do great things to the lives of others. When you are given something by the nature, you cannot give it back or erase it from your life, but it can always be influenced in a good or in a bad way by the nurture.  The influence of the nurture on your life can change the course of it despite the nature. People are not born joyful, bitter, angry, or merciful, they come to be like that through life, nurtured by their environment.

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