The world changes, evolves, develops every minute and every second

With the world our values change as well. The world that is now governed by globalization demands people to quickly adapt to the fast changing environment. People have been changing their values based on the shifts of power in politics, based on the financial situation in the country of residence in particular and in the world as a whole. In this case the change is good as it helps people adapt to the environment, but it does not mean that this change is for the best. It helps us to adapt and have a better life, if talking about financial terms, but does it make us better people? Or did the monetary world, the world of material values took over the world? Definitely not! People are constantly distracted from the live relationships with living human beings, by the gadgets that constantly inform and alert of some urgent events that are prioritized even higher than family.

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Humanity has always valued time

As this is one of the most unique things in the world, you can never buy it back, once it is gone it is gone, therefore the person needs to make smart choices as there is no redo button in real life. People have been creating various gadgets that would make their transportation faster in space and time. People used horses and carriages to travel, later came trains and cars, with decades cars evolved adding up to the speed limit another 10-15 miles. The same happened to communications, the classic old school “snail mail” is now delivered by plains, instead of carriages, this way the letter make it around the world in 24 hours if the urgency is very pressing. Telegrams turned to text messages and emails that are delivered instantly. And the phone calls, from long expensive and complicated process, it has turned into the vital part of our lives. Average individual from the western society cannot even imagine not having cell phone on him. This causes a lot of problems that person, as nowadays the cell phone is not only the gadget for receiving calls. With your telephone now you can browse the internet, read the news, edit documents, and pay the bills and so much more. In a day average person probably can accomplish 10 times more that the individual of that profession and lifestyle three hundred years ago.  And we are still busy, we are still running around meeting deadlines and people, running errands. People dream of various processes to become faster so that they would have more time to themselves. However, as soon as that tome appears, they fill it in with some other things to do.

What is more ridiculous is that people work overtime to earn more money so that they could afford nanny instead of spending quality time with their kids. The family holidays often times get ignored and neglected as the parent pursues the big project at work and has to work overtime, because with bonuses from that project he can purchase for his kid new baseball glove of premium quality and hew gear. Instead of just taking him to the game or simply throwing ball with the son, which the kid will enjoy much more. Instead of listening to the problem of their child giving them advice along with a tight hug and a kiss on the forehead, they pay for their visits to see a therapist. People have forgotten how they enjoyed family activities, how fun it was and memorable.

Nowadays people are trying o impress each other with big and shiny things, that scream of the luxury and high prices. When in reality, what is priceless and worth nothing at the same time, and available to everyone, whose heart did not turn to stone, is basic and simple human kindness. People do not realize that this is the most precious thing in the world that can get you much further than billion of dollars. It worth nothing to help the person who slipped and fell or to donate things you no longer need instead of throwing them away.

To conclude I would like to say, that the change is so rapid that people are not taking even a split second to thing where this takes them long term. All the gadgets beeping and making  noises informing of incoming messages, new meetings, and upcoming project deadlines distract us from what really matters.  They distract people from their kid’s first steps, first word, first school performance, first prom dance. This generation when looking back on life will remember only meeting offices and deadlines, as they were pursuing checks and bonuses, and ranks instead of pursuing family comfort. Unless people realize what is happening and where their future is headed, they will be lonely and pathetic living the life of luxury that will become more of a painful reminder than anything pleasurable. 

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