Poverty and Inequality Essay

Book Summary 2

Goldsmith, William and Edward Blakely. Separate Societies: Poverty and Inequality in U.S. Cities. New York: Temple University Press, 2010.

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In the excerpt from their book, Separate Societies: Poverty and Inequality in the US Goldsmith and Blakely talk about the manner in which the separation of the American society on the basis of race, politics, gender, and other issues had promoted poverty among some groups.

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Goldsmith and Blakely emphasize that most American cities had been affected by poverty as individuals has opted to live separate lives based on their races and political opinions. Throughout the 20th Century, the city problems that were common in the US did not affect the poor only as they cut across the board. Everyone has been paying a large price for these problems. In matters relating to inequality, the most affected groups in the US are African Americans and women who have been undermined over a long period. This is common in cities and their suburbs around the US. Goldsmith and Blakely assert that, “among the big-city minority residents, some of them are perfectly well-off as part of the middle class have some income……..but the vast majority struggle with low incomes” (2) This is an indication that poverty is widely spread in the US societies and has separated individuals over a long time.

The separation of individuals in the US and unproductive policies especially under the Bush administration affected individuals across different places in the country. It is important to bring the US society together and ensure that all individuals are living according to the desirable standards that human beings are supposed to live. Poverty reduction can only be fought through uniting the American society and avoiding anything that is deemed to separate individuals based on their races and political views. Unity is the only way to salvage the US from increasing cases of poverty.

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