I Have a Dream

Everyone has a dream, everyone wishes they come true

Martin Luther’s dream was  just like one of those average dreams that everyone keeps in their hearts, until it became famous.   By  letting his dream out in the open,  for the people to see,  Martin Luther made them realize that thy share this dream with many people, and together they can make this dream come true. My dream is just as simple and as common, I dream of being a good person, who lives in the country that promotes equality and tolerance.

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My dream to be a good person is what guides my actions every day

For me good person is the individual who does right as much as this person can.  By always providing helping hand to a person in trouble, and providing support to the people. To be the person who does good even when no one is watching. The country I live in is great; however it would not hurt for the country to be much more tolerant, tolerant to different cultures within the country as well as cultures abroad. My family is so much more that I could have asked for,  and I dream for my future family to be the same.  Every single dream of mine can come true, but only if I put my hard work to it . If I do good when no one is watchin, if I add to my family’s comfort and peace, if I make my contribution to promote tolerance and equality , my dreams have no obstacles to become reality.

Dreams, they almost never what they seem, when they come true, people often realize that it was not what they wanted after all.  As for my dreams, those are definitely the ones I wish for the most and every day I work hard to make them become a reality.

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