Books of Tranquility Essay

Books of Tranquility Essay

Books of Tranquility

Tranquility is a state of being free from any disturbances or stress. It is being composed, happy and having peace of mind. Being in this state of mind is achievable under normal circumstances while you go about your daily chores. There is no demand on how and where tranquility is attained. You do not have to meditate in order to have peace of mind but it can be achieved while at home, place of work or whatever you undertaking in your normal life.

Benefits of tranquility are many since it is the only way to have inner peace. It improves or provides one with high levels of concentration in whatever undertaken. You become accurate and efficient in all that you do in your normal life. There is increased ability to have inner strength and power. Improved perseverance, open-mindedness and sensitivity are also attained. In this state, one is delivered from all sorts of troubles, fears and uncertainties. One is able to sleep in peace, ease and deeply. An individual is able to have the best opinion about situations, events or tough times without being distracted by what other people say.

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The world today is full of turmoil

The world today is full of turmoil and there is a need for one to be at peace with inner self in order to have a rational opinion on the way forward. Tranquility and inner peace here comes as a priority for one to tackle challenges encountered. Stress levels that current people undergo are quite enormous and people need to develop or adopt means of tackling them. Noise pollution, fast world we live in, and even the fast foods we consume are some factors which we need to deal with in pursuit of tranquility and inner peace (Bartis 39).

Living well gives us that peace. The pressures, hopes and hassles we have at times act as a means to lack of tranquility. The surroundings at times are not easy to avoid but God has given us ways of how to deal with the stress of life. Stress is real and demanding hence we have to give rest to our bodies, souls and minds. This way is Godly and we clear up all the worries and fears we have in our lives. We have to learn to relax and have our inner peace developed. The environments have to be conserved so that we have it evergreen as this serves our well being. Being exposed to the environment is important and helps one develop or be at peace. In the modern world, stress, diabetes and obesity are common, hence, this suggest unhealthy living. Mental sicknesses such as depression are the root causes of unhealthiness. The cost of getting health care service also is going up. The government and the citizens in their personal capacities should therefore embrace tranquility as a priority. The priority here is to be exposed to the natural environment which will help one reduce such instances of unhealthy living. Lack of discordant noise is one of the characteristics of tranquility. Artificial noise is an irritant that results in mental ill health. People should avoid noisy environments such as living near airports or streets (Decclesis 41).

The two books are unique and provide ways of attaining calmness and peace of mind. The book of hours provides more Christian ways of attaining inner peace. Prayers and Christian devotion are emphasized in the book of hours (Martin 47). The tranquility book gives general and specific ways of being calm factoring the surroundings being a high contributor of anxieties and stress.

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