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Every human being  posses a set of unique characteristics, like voice, finger prints, eyes (irises in particular). Show business is a very developed industry these days with a cutthroat competition and strict rules. As all he voices are unique, all the singers that are well known possess so to speak a copyright to their voice. The greatest singers, the most popular, or the legends of music industry value their voice and price it very high. It is not too hard to find two alike, but still different voices, the rest can be easily fixed with modern computer software.  For example in commercials to attract customers it is easier to digitally manufacture or enhance the voice than hire a celebrity to perform. In 1992 Tom Waits, who has one of the most distinctive voices on the whole planet, sewed the Frito-Lay company for using the voice in commercial very alike to his.

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Trade secret is a highly protected piece of information that helps certain business to  get competitive advantage over the other businesses in the same field. Normally, the trade secret is kept mystery by the means of the confidentiality or non disclosure agreements signed by the employees as the condition of their employment. Employees are bound with those legal documents to keep the secrets of trade, otherwise they become a subject for legal action. However the person or organization that  has obtained the trademark secret is not liable for anything and can freely use this information  as they please. In the case with patent protection, everyone can have access to the information. However, only the patent holder can use this information for the commercial or other purposes for his or her benefit. Apple holds the patent to a logo of an apple with a piece of it bitten off, and no one can use the same logo, the Apple company will have all the rights to sew that company or individual.

One of the important disadvantages of sole proprietorship is that it fully depends on the person it is registered to, as if it is a part of that person. Hence, if the person experiences some health issues or what is worse passes away, the sole proprietorship is terminated.  This provides the business entity with the reputation of the unstable proprietorship due to the kind of its nature. Which in return makes it difficult to find long term major investors as the business is considered risky. In addition unrelated investors have less intentions to invest into unrelated business they have little legal claims an ties to.

Equal Pay Act of 1963 has been signed by John F. Kennedy in order to maximally eliminate sex based wage discrimination in the US society. The main goal of the was to minimize the wage gap between working male and female population and their earnings.  As with any project there were problems with this Equal Pay Act. The Job titles were changed or created different ones for men and for women and different wages were applied respectively.  Some people went even as far as to argue if both genders can do all the tasks equally the same way, this thought received a lot of attention.  However, even to this day there remains the difference in wages for women not to their advantage. Overall, this act has improved the income situation comparing to the times when it was just signed. It is still argued if the existing wage gap  between male and female  employees exists until now due to the nature of the difference of the lifestyles and societal roles or it is still existing blunt discrimination.

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