The Validity of Poetry in 2011

The definition for poetry can be a bit complicated as its aesthetics in general. Simply stating, it can be defined as a small piece of imaginative writing put in lines to pass out an intended message. Its general purpose is to help in understanding the world in human terms through literature composition. Poetry plays a major role in the current generation and cannot in any way be ignored as it has become part of the day today life. It can be regarded as an art, way of communication or even a historical document depending on the intended audience. Poem can be argued to be a way of expression of a visual item intelligently and pleasured by others and can arouse or rekindle emotions. It can also be taken as a way of communicating or passage of a certain message not necessarily to mean the worldly meaning but written in a rather complex language.

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The validity of poetry in 2011 cannot be underestimated under any circumstances. In the real life, there a many things one may not express in absolute terms rather would need to use a higher level of communication to express ones feeling. Love can be one of the most challenging things one can fail to express or define. In the poem of Robert frost, LOVE IS TO SUFFER, it shown how much one can be confused not to know whether love is the cause of all the suffering of human kind or whether the solution to suffering is love indicating the height at which expressing one’s self can be difficult (Lucy Collins, 2011). Therefore, poem is a way of communicating or delivering that which one finds hard to express other ways of communication.

We all have loved at some point and maybe fail to know why all the suffering one had to go through just because of love. Poems provide support, comfort, happiness, advice, entertain and above all educate. As earlier stated, poet can use a difficult language which can even be confused in the literal meaning. In the poem SUNDAY MORNING by Wallace Stevens, he brings out a picture of a woman who is preparing for her wedding and admiring her wedding gown as she takes her breakfast (MacKenzie, 2011). One may think he was trying to express a real wedding event, but, in the real sense, it was about ones salvation i.e. the death of Jesus Christ. It is through poetry that we may be able to pass out a message to some persons who might have lost hope in life such as the bereaved. Anyone who loses a dear one no matter how many others might have passed they would always think that they are the only persons who lost. A poem creates the image in one’s mind that the poet might have passed through the same experience. In addition, even the bereaved feels like he/she is not alone in it hence this comforting message can ease the pain and suffering in a way (Busch, 2011).

Currently, we dedicate ourselves to work which sometimes is demanding and stressful. Depending on a person’s personality, one may need a drink to cool down after a hectic day at work, a majority of which would just sit down to listen to their favorite poets to cool them off. In fact, we can say poetry is life; we cannot actually separate life from poetry as they go hand in hand. Poems about deadly diseases such as HIV and Aids have been of considerable help. It is through them that persons were able to learn more of the deadly diseases and how to prevent themselves from contacting it. A poem is unlike an essay published in the daily newspaper as it brings out the actual picture of what is happening hence delivering the message home.

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