Motion Graphics and Logo Design

The world today is developing rapidly and needs new methods that can support this development by modern elements. The traditional methods no longer work because they have been consumed and can no longer fit the quick march of the world toward the future. That is why people have been searching to find and discover new ways and methods. The development of the world depends most of all on visual effects and that is why any method must be built first of all on this base. For this, the motion graphics and logo design come on the top of the list. Those two elements have the best effect on viewers because they can give anyone who views them an idea about what they symbolize, and this point in particular is essential because it matches the idea of rapid development. At the same time, when designing a logo or a motion graphic, a person must follow certain steps on order to perfectly deliver his/her message, and at the same time, ensure a wide spread and avoid any difficulties that may encounter the process of this delivery.

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When it comes to the logos, the logo plays somehow the same role of any national flag. The logo gives the viewer an idea about what it represents. It is considered a visual and unique interpretation of the message, which the designer wants to deliver to his/her audience. That is why it is very important, because the main function of this logo is to attract attention of viewers and make them spare more time and attention to discover the meaning of it and eventually receive the message that the designer wants to deliver from the very beginning. Bai and Dai specify the point behind the logo, that it must tell the message visually.

The log design, in spite of its importance, encounters several problems. One of the biggest problems is cultural differences. The main idea of the logo, as shown above, is to give a brief description of the message, designing a logo may encounter many problems in case it is made to be viewed by other cultures, because what might seem normal in one culture, may seem unusual and be offensive in other cultures. For example, the logo of Spanish football club Barcelona contains a red cross. This cross is not considered offensive in Christian cultures and some Islamic cultures that have a secular atmosphere, but when it comes to some restricted societies, this cross may cause many problems because it might be considered as an offensive sign for those Islamic societies. Although it might look insane, and somehow, illogical, but designers must always keep this point in their consideration when they decide to design a specific logo. They should always remember that business is business, and so they must do their best to ensure that this logo symbolizes their culture in a safe way that will eventually lead to the best spread of this logo and will ensure more benefits when people who belong to different cultures will find no problem in buying any product of this club. This will be resulted in more money and, at the same time, will make the name of their own club a global trademark, and this also applies to the name and culture of their own city and country as the club represents their city and country. It was a simple example of this problem that the logo may encounter, so the designer should have some knowledge about other cultures. Of course, he is not required to study every culture in the world, but at least to have a background of the most spread cultures. Following this step will ensure the idea of the logo will be well spread, and at the same time will not offense other cultures. Besides, the designer must be fully aware of his/her own culture, because this point helps him/her a lot in his/her work. The designer must be familiar and somehow expert in his/her culture. This helps him/her a lot when designing a logo, because it will allow him/her to include most elements of his/her own culture in the logo without making it very complicated. The logo must be simple and expressive, and this will help the viewers to understand the message behind this logo, and at the same time, understand the main aspects of the culture that this or that logo represents.

Motion graphics are not very different from logos. While logo represents a single image that gives the viewer an idea about a specific message, the motion graphic prepares the viewer to watch what he is going to see and experience. It contains a short animated message that describes the content, so it is very important to attract people and make them interested in the topic, which is briefly represented in the motion graphic. The main purpose of motion graphic is to give an idea about a certain culture. It should contain some signs or traditions that are connected with the culture of the designer or the person who wants to show his/her culture in a nice modern visual way. In his article, Pengxiao Zhao explains why the motion graphic is needed nowadays more than ever, as people need new and modern methods that are able to attract them.

The motion graphics are used in many fields. They are used in movies, video games, and television programs. The motion graphic of any product must include a brief idea about everything in the contents. This is so in case the motion graphic is used in television programs, but when it is used in computer games and movies, the main function of motion graphic is do the job that real characters cannot do in reality. For example, when it is about a movie, the graphic motion can express what scene requires and save real actors and characters from the risks of performing it themselves. At the same time, this will astonish viewers and guarantee that they will be interested in watching the rest of the movie. In his article, Ron Brinkmann defines the function of motion graphics in movies. They should make the scene look real, although they are made by a computer program.

When it comes to video games, motion graphics give a player a sense of reality. They allow him/her to experience the adventure of the game as if he/she is the real character. This point gives the player the element of suspense that any video game needs in order to be played and enjoyed by many video gamers around the world.

Motion graphics are also used in international events like the Olympics, World Cups, and many other events. The idea of using motion graphics is to give the impression that this event deserves to be watched because it gives the viewer a great time to enjoy by watching the event. It also ensures that the viewer will pay extra money to watch because simply he/she is attracted; and this is the first and the main function of motion graphics.

Before working on any motion graphic, a programmer must be qualified enough in order to be able to use modern concepts and equipment to create any motion graphic. The more qualified the programmer is, the more attractive the motion becomes. This guarantees that more viewers will be watching this motion and so, at the second stage, will watch the television program or movie or will spend their money on buying the video game, in which this or that motion is included. That is why the companies that produce any visual product must have enough budgets to spend on the product, either it is viewable or playable.

There are many examples of visual products that could be rewarded with more financial profits if more attention has been paid to the motion graphics. Because not much attention has been paid to this point, the product suffered many loses or at least did not get the benefits that were supposed to be received. This could be seen in many movies and video games. This shows the importance of this element, although it may not look that important and essential, yet, it is considered as the first step toward getting the best of the benefits, either financially or morally.

Designers of the motion graphics may encounter another problem. This problem must be taken into consideration when creating graphics. The technology is developing everyday and its requirements are increasing as well, thus, new equipments are needed to display those graphics. When creating such motions, a designer must take into account that in order to display this motion, the viewer or consumer in general will need more expensive hardware in order to view the product when it comes to the product made for home use. Such hardware cannot be afforded by everyone, and so, this will decrease the number of people who are able to spend their money on such products, and as a result, the financial benefits will be decreased. That is why designers must try their best to ensure that their motions would be viewed by as many people as possible, because the main function of such visual products is financial benefits. They must try their best to produce the best motion graphics with the least requirements, and this will guarantee that their product will be viewed and played by many consumers, and so their effort will be rewarded financially and morally.

People around the world should pay much attention to those two elements, logo design and motion graphics. They work as a fish bait, lure the customer and persuade him to spend his money. This is the reason why this field of visual effects is very important. Besides, it deals with the first and most important part of the body, which is the eyesight, and this is considered as the key for using and consuming any product.

In conclusion, logo design and motion graphics represent modern methods that the rapid development of the world requires, because they deal with visual field, the field that represents the first step toward financial and moral benefits. They may cause many problems, especially if they are meant to be spread all around the world, and not to be used only locally, but if a person, company, or organization pays enough attention to its basic elements and provide sufficient funds to its requirements, it can be resulted in the desired goals, which the logo or the motion graphic is originally meant to achieve.

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