Gun Control

The numerous discussions on the gun control have recently appeared in the audience, since the cases of the shootings have become a usual affair nowadays. The world, as a consequence, is facing the incredibly difficult and complicated situation: how to control the guns and people who they belong to? This question has been widely enlightened in the press. The numerous events such as, for instance, the resent murder in Virginia or the numerous cases similar to this one all over the world demonstrate the necessity of gun control and its enforcement.  In accordance with Esposito & Finley, this is one of the most important steps which consists in creating such a legislative system which would contribute to the regulation of the rights and responsibilities of the people bearing guns as well as providing the ordinary citizens with the preventative measures which are called to sustain a healthy lifestyle. The same idea can be found in Fisanick’s book Gun Control. 

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To measures in a proper way all the pros and cons it is necessary to regard the reasons why gun control policies which exist nowadays are not as useful as it is required. One of the reasons is hidden in the lack of testing before permitting a person to become an owner of a gun. The tests, as Esposito & Finley have a conviction has to be aimed at not only the current mental health state of an owner, but at the future perspective of its development. This idea can be widely enriched by the studying of the social environment a person lives. This will certainly permit analyzing the behavior samples and prevent the possible crimes which, in accordance with Kristof, resulted in the fact that “more Americans die in gun homicides and suicides every six months”. 

This index is a manifestation of the law system regulating guns imperfection. The mentioned above case which took lives of two people in Virginia has provoked a number of discussions. The most recent investigations on the crimes based on both legal and illegal gun’s usage show that human psyche nowadays is not stable as it had been twenty years ago, for instance. This is why, it is vitally important to reduce permission to carry guns. In accordance with Fisanick, “the murder rate will have risen by the year 2018 three or four times a year”. This means that this ‘gun violence,’ mentioned by Kristof will take lives of more than a million people in the nearest future.

In the lights of the situation expected it is necessary to take very urgent and strict measures, which would limit carrying guns by the ordinary people. The problem, however, can be characterized from another point of view. Fisanick claims that one of the most powerful tools to take over the process of gun carrying is the improvement of the laws which are responsible for the preventative measures. In other words, police and other bodies which have to regulate the crime rate have to work more hard and “be ready to change their methods” in order to promote the crimeless atmosphere at the streets, so that people would not feel the necessity in buying and, as a consequence, carrying the guns. Kristof makes an emphasis on the fact that the law system’s imperfection will lead to the phenomenon which is generally referred to as “a public health crisis”. 

It is also necessary to mention that the cases of the crimes committed on the basis of the legal and illegal carrying guns are magnificently numerous. Esposito & Finley provide some harsh and somber examples. A man, a father of the family, murdered his wife and two children aged six and eight because of the constant noise which was present at home. This happened at the beginning of the 1990s in Massachusetts. This case provoked the necessity in regulating the gun control laws and improving their functioning. The above mentioned case serves as a bright example of how cruel people are and how unstable their psyche sometimes can be. This is why, one of the reasons why guns’ carrying rules are often compared to the car driving. In both cases, there is no certainty in the person who possesses a car or a gun. Furthermore, in both cases, this is a death tool for the people surrounding. This fact is widely supported by Fisanick.

The constant discussions on gun control in public, on the internet and on TV have resulted in a number of amendments to the laws regulating the rules of gun carrying and the responsibilities of the guns’ owners. These discussions stimulated the appearance of newer and stricter measures which had been applied to the owners of the guns. Another aspect is illegal gun carrying which is much more spread than a legal one. The example of such a murder was provided by Kristof in the case of Bryce Williams and the murder he had committed in the church.

This murder can be characterized as the rebellious spirit of a person, since the murder committed in a cult place can be translated in various ways. The motives of the murder can be assumed, but not proved in a proper way. The illegal gun carrying, in accordance with Esposito & Finley and Fisanick is a way to secure oneself and show the strength which is in reality not obvious and has not been gained via fairer ways. Consequently, the problem arises from the people’s psyche which is almost impossible to be controlled.

To sum up, it is necessary to give an emphasis to the fact that whatever the law system controlling guns is, whoever carries the guns and in whatever way (legal or illegal), the legislative system has always had the same drawback: it does not secure the society from the criminals. It is mainly aimed at finding the murderers and other kinds of criminals instead of preventing them from crimes. As a consequence, it is vitally important for the governments of the countries as well as the international organizations to create the systems and bodies which would be totally able to take over the gun carrying phenomena and try to reduce to minimum. Otherwise, the lives of people as well as their health and psyche will always be under the pressure of a possible danger, which would push them to search for the ways to secure themselves. This will be leading to the development of illegal gun carrying and undesired number of murders. This is why, to overcome the problem it is necessary to act – but not discuss it. The discussions, as it is obvious, are not that sort of a tool which contributes to the shortage of the crimes rate and, as a consequence, the shortage of human deaths. To make this process successful, the specialists from various areas and fields of expertise have to be engaged for collaboration. This is will give an incredible result expected.

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