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The socio-economic crisis in Kazakhstan in 1991 was destructive for the economy of the country, especially for health care. Poor financing caused cut backs in funding for medical institutions, depreciation of medical equipment and lack of necessary drugs. Only after 20 years of independence, the Government was able to increase financing to the pharmaceutical field. This allowed Kazakhstan to work with large foreign pharmaceutical companies, and also to build our own pharmaceutical industry. As a result, rapid growth of pharmaceutical industry has led to a high demand for qualified workers. I decided that I had to receive education in Pharmaceutical industry and contribute to my country’s development.

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After graduating from high school with a grade average of 4.89 out of 5 I won a grant at West Kazakhstan medical academy named M. Ospanov. As undergraduate I achieved remarkable performance in the pharmacy field. My GPA is 5.00/5.00,  I was one of the best students of the Pharmacy faculty. After graduation, from 2009 to 2010 I was working as a pharmacist-manager in a local pharmaceutical company “Aktyubpharmcenter” specialized in distribution and wholesale of drugs. This experience developed my leadership skills. The working experience as a medical representative in “World Medicine” and “Gedeon Richter” pharmaceutical companies in the next years, it was both inspiring and educational as it allowed me to study our Kazakh pharmaceutical industry from inside. I set a goal to get a foreign education recognized over the world in order to have the opportunity to contribute to the development of pharmaceutical industry in Kazakhstan.

Determined to study Pharmaceutical Administration, I applied for the Bolashak International Presidential Scholarship program in July 2011 and I successfully passed the selection process. After the process was complete, the Republican Committee decided to sponsor me for one year of English preparation in the Intensive English Institute of University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign as well as my master’s program study.

I am particularly keen to study at the Purdue University because of its research interests in health-related quality of life (HRQOL) measurement, career path research, and patient-oriented pharmacy services. I would like to work with professors such as Holly L. Mason and Matthew M. Murawski. I find these topics not only interesting, but also helpful for the development of Kazakhstan pharmaceutical system.

My long term goal is to become the director of the department of pharmaceutical control of the Aktobe area. I would like to become a leading pharmacist to develop creative and progressive strategies and events for Kazakhstan pharmacy industry. The Purdue University provides education that will help me achieve these goals. Excellent world renowned professors and courses offered by the school will help young pharmacists to have successful career. I look forward to do my Master`s degree in Pharmacy Administration at the Purdue University. I am very confident that if I am given the opportunity to join this intellectually stimulating environment, my talents will not be wasted.

Thank you for considering my application. 

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