The Walt Disney Parks

Socio-cultural differences can create quite a number of problems for the Walt Disney Parks overseas. As some things within one culture are absolutely appropriate and for the other culture or social group the very same things might seem  offensive or inappropriate. 

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Every culture has a way of doing things or the way certain things should be

As an example in China Walt Disney park developers have invited a person of a great cultural significance to a Chinese culture to assist them with the appropriate design. They have invited a Feng Shui master to help the developers locate the objects within a Disneyland park in a way that would comply with Chinese culture  and would make the visitors feel comfortable. Even classis Disney characters have undergone some changes in their appearance and general setting.

For my part, ethically, it is not right to pay differentiate in wages between local and overseas employees. First of all, if it happens it has to be done on some quantifiable and reasonable basis, if the person who comes from the United States poseses higher qualifications or can perform faster or better in certain situations. However, if both employees have the same responsibilities and job titles and nothing  sets them apart from each other  but their citizenship,  salary differentiation is not justified. The difference can be in settlement benefits for the US citizens, as provided housing or car, or gym membership.

Differentiation in salaries can become a cause to irreparable damage to the company culture and work dynamics. The local workers might develop a feeling that they are nothing but a second rate employees. What is worse they can feel that they are simply be used as cheap labor and nothing more, their attitude towards the company and quality of work will decrease, in return damaging the reputation of the Walt Disney park

The idea of selling the same food in the Walt Disney parks overseas as sold in the Unites States is far from good.  Different cultures have different food preferences, when provided with classical American amusement park foods in the best case they will find them not to their liking. In the worst case, these foods might be found offensive and people will not only avoid purchasing those foods, but will start avoiding the amusement park too. Just to bring a little of the classic spirit only 7% to 10% of standard food concessions may remain when introducing Walt Disney park to drastically different cultures.

In French Disneyland there was a huge way of public discussions over the fact that they did not sell wine there. In China classic burger and French fries places were substituted with noodle stands and other classic Chinese snacks. Even though in the USA the food is a part of a classical Disneyland experience, overseas it has to be changed to fit the cultural preferences.

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