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The commercial that are during the super bowl have proven themselves to be the most influential and bring a lot of success to the product. Hence these commercials receive not only a great amount of monetary investments but also very well thought through. Commercials during the Super Bowl is very expensive and for those reasons the product should be advertised in the most effective manner, not to waste those money. These commercial is advertising the running shoes produced by the brand Skechers. It is well presented, ridiculous and entertaining.

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It features a French bulldog named Mr.Quiggles, which is probably derived from the word squiggly, which means short and curvy. Sort and curvy is perfect description to describe Mr.Quiggles in comparison to the gracious and beautiful lines of the racing dogs. And unlike the other digs that have “royal” names like Silver Prince, the word prince itself directs out minds to the blue bloods and the word silver, being the royal metal, only enhances it. The French bulldog complexion, short legs and round cubby looking body, leaves him virtually no chances at winning that competition against the long legged and visually light dogs.

Seeing the dog on the running track wearing sneakers looks ridiculous, which is quickly justified by the commentators on the track, explaining that having the dog wear the shoes is not against the rules. One can only imagine real life dog running in the shoes, sure no one would think to prohibit that, as  it in no way contributes to success. This commercial was neatly designed to show the dog that had no chance of winning the race, the perfect contrasting breeds were picked to enhance improbability and awkwardness the situation. The red shoes on the dog contributed to those looks, as the dog wearing shoes has no chances of winning that contest even more so.

This is one of the logical fallacies introduced to the viewer in the commercial

I believe this commercial is targeting people who are simply spectators at life, who prefer passive ways of the entertainment, just like people who go to tracks to bet on the dog races. These people are hesitant to take control in their hands and they would rather give it to the fate or rather their gambling addiction. Such characters prefer to stand in the corner and observe  rather than try and do some things. That kind of people is the one that does not like to stand out from the crowd and they will feel awkward and uncomfortable, being out of shape with all the skinny people around. These shoes are positioned as the ones that can give them the power to beat the odds, as that dog did, and become successful runner. The Mr. Quiggles is the overweight person in the gym, who stands out of the skinny bunch, however, with witty and at times overboard comparisons, commercial predicts great success to that person despite their physical development once they put their runners on.   

The commercial emphasizes the weak sides of the target audience, even makes fun of them, however due to the animal allegory the viewer does not find it offensive.  Through the animal allegory people understand and absorb harsh truth about themselves much better and with extra weight being a sensitive topic, I find this is one of the best ways to tackle the sensitive issue.

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