Doing business with an online writing service can be risky. Many of them are not what they say they are and exist as fraudulent services that are interested only in taking money from their customers. They have no quality control and, in fact, often plagiarize the work that they sell. The opposite is true with exists as a safe, online venue that enables students to buy research papers, online essays or even doctoral dissertations that are of the highest quality. If an assignment involves academic writing, can handle it! Every custom essay is written from scratch for the specific individual that orders it.

We instated our guarantee policy to provide protection for our customers and to instill the confidence that when they place their important writing projects in our hands, they are doing the right thing. In other words, our money back guarantee policy removes all of the risks that our customers would take otherwise, if they were dealing with other online writing services. We never let our customers down!

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Once the project has been completed, we offer our customers assistance in locating the resources that we used in the essay as references. Whether it was a journal, a major newspaper, an empirical journal or a book, we provide all the information the customer needs to locate the references that were used. This can come in very handy, should the assigning professor have questions about the essay.

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We guarantee and assure that we will never re-sell any paper that is sold by A lot of writing companies do this, and the students do not suspect anything until their professors receive two of the same papers that are handed in by different students. There is absolutely no risk that this will happen with any paper that is written by the writing team of Each and every paper is guaranteed to be written from scratch, using any custom details that the student requests.

We guarantee that our writers can write essays in any standardized format that customers may request, whether it is the APA style for a Psychology paper, MLA for an English essay, or any of the other standardized styles of writing.

Since we have been in business, has never returned a paper to a customer after its deadline. We guarantee that every paper accepted by our writers will be returned on time. Should a student attempt to place an order with an unrealistically close deadline, our writers will refuse to accept the order rather than attempt to write it and be late with it. However, so long as we are given at least 6 hours notice, our writers can produce any essay flawlessly.

Customer service is an important part of any writing service. Here, at, we guarantee that a customer service representative will be available to help any student with his or her questions or concerns, 24 hours a day. This includes weekends and holidays. Our Customer Care Center stays open at all times.

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