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What does the Word “Dream” Mean?

Before commencing working on your essays on dreams, you should clearly understand and distinguish between the meanings of this term. According to the Longman Dictionary, the word “dream” has two meanings. As to the first meaning, a “dream” is referred to a series of images, thoughts or feelings that a person can experience when he or she is asleep. In accordance with the second one, a “dream” implies a strong wish or desire to be, have or do something, which is usually applied when this appears unlikely.

Thus, taking into account the above information, it is evident that a great number of different topics on dreams and dreaming can be suggested.

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For instance, an American dream still alive essay can be devoted to various dreams that people who come to the United States of America hope and are very eager to come true. Some people dream to earn lots of money and live a prosperous and happy life with their families, whereas the others may dream to find financial support and invent the drugs for cancer to save the humankind.

The papers on the American dream can be devoted either to the most generalized dreams of those people who came, are coming or will come to the USA or to a personal dream of your great grandfather. Or your teacher may ask that you should write an American dream for immigrants essay as if you were an immigrant who arrived to the USA a few weeks ago.

Our professional team prepared a few American dream essay topics that make emphasis on a certain aspect of the American Experience and Dream, such as: 

  • Is It Possible to State That Donald Trump’s Dream Is 100% Realized?;

  • The Unbelievable American Dream of Barack Obama that Came True;

  • The Success of the Rockefellers;

  • Henry Ford: Dreams and Their Realization;

  • Ronald Reagan: A Famous Actor, a Remarkeble Politician, and the 40-th President of the United States of America;

  • Michael Jackson: From a Poor Boy to the “King” of Pop Music;

  • Martin Luther King, Jr.,: I Have a Dream Speech;

  • Michael Jordan: A Living Legend

  • Walt Disney: A Man Who Wanted to Amuse the Whole World;

  • Steve Jobbs: A Person Who Managed to Break Stereotypes;

  • Alfred Hitchcock: An Outstanding Artist Who Managed to Unveil Deep Corners of People’s Sub-Consciousness in His Masterpieces.

In case you are supposed or prefer to write a research paper on dreams or a research paper on sleep and dreams, you should know some basic information about the origins of dreams and the process of sleep. The origins of dreams can be looked into from the psychological, theoretical and scientific points of view, depending on your research paper topics dreams, your field of science, your specialism, your teacher’s / professor’s requirements or guidelines, etc.

Approximate Topics for Completing Research Papers on Dreams

  1. Sigmund Freud: The Founder of Dreams Interpretation and His Revolutionary and Unique Ideas that Have Been Influencing the Development of Humankind; 

  2. Are There Scientific Proofs that Our Dreams Can Predict Our Future?

  3. Dreams and Our Sub-consciousness;

  4. What Are the backgrounds of People’s Nightmares;

  5. Why Cannot, in the Majority of Cases, People Remember Their Dreams?

  6. What Is Lucid Dreaming?

  7. Why Did All Ancient Civilizations Believe in Dreams?

  8. Can Dreams Interpretation Be Referred to Pure Science?

  9. Is It Possible that a Dream Is a Real Path to Other Possible Worlds or Alternative Realities?

  10. Are Sleeping Disorders Are Connected with the Dreams that People See?

  11. The Influence of Nightmares on Peoples Physical, Emotional and Psychological State and Wellbeing?

  12. Narcolepsy: Symptoms and Treatment;

  13. Do Scientific Pieces of Evidence Exist Why People Do not See Dreams.

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Research Paper on Dreams Sample for Free

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How to Commence Writing a High School/ College/ University Research on Dreams or American Dream Papers

Our professional and experienced specialists prepared the list of practical hints and useful pieces of advice that you can use to write an outstanding research or essay on one of the American dream topics or essay dreams topics.

Icon 1Choose one of the most interesting and original research paper topics on dreams

Before starting working on your piece of writing, whether an essay, a research, or a thesis, you should prepare a list of topics about dreams that you are interested in or are very eager to look into. For example, you can write a paper on the American dream, a research on dream catchers, a research paper on dream job, a research paper on I have a dream speech, or a research paper on midsummer night’s dream.

Icon 2Prepare a research paper on dreams outline or a dream essay outline

For instance, in your American dream research paper outline, you should indicate your key aim and objectives of your future research, essential points of your literature review or your experiment conducted, as well as possible outcomes or findings expected. You can always show your outline for research paper on dreams to your teacher or professor who can advise what should be corrected or added in your research or essay. 

Icon 3Conduct a research or an experiment if necessary

If you ask the question: “which of the following is more difficult to do in social science research?”, there could be several answers depending on great number of circumstances. Sometimes it is complicated to determine, which of the following is more difficult to do in social science research - conducting an experiment or a research, but consider that there is always a way out of any dreadful and tough situation. For instance, you can ask a student participates in a month-long sleep study and get outstanding results, which will be presented in your research paper about dreams, research paper on lucid dreams, or research paper on dreams and nightmares.

Icon 4The structure of the research or essay

You should always consider the structure of your piece of writing. The key structural elements are the introduction with the thesis statement, the main body, and the conclusion. In the introductory part, you should introduce the key idea of your essay or research to your readers. For instance, you have chosen one of the research paper topics about dreams. You can write about how our consciousness and sub-consciousness are interrelated with our dreams. In the body part, you should devote three or four paragraphs to specific aspects or points of view concerning the problem under study or analysis. In the conclusion, you should summarize all the essential findings of your research paper over dreams.

Icon 5Prepare a draft of your dreams research or essays about dreams

Once your draft is ready, you can consult with your professor or teacher regarding some debatable points. For instance, if your research paper on why we dream is based only on your assumptions, be ready that your teacher will definitely ask you to conduct thorough research on this problem. The above point will not concern your research paper on winter dreams if you dwell on your own winter dreams or your research paper on the dream act of yours.

Icon 6Edit and proofread your research papers about dreams

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