American Dream Essay Topics: Present Your Ideas of Success in Efficient Manner

Some professors consider it efficient to assign various American dream essay topics to their students to see how they can interpret the ideas of success, ambition, determination, and willingness to improve and live a better life. It is possible for the students to focus on the freedom and happiness of the nation that belongs to a great state and is proud of that. Another option is to present a story of an individual American dream that comes true in the form of wealth and power. 

Do you know how to make your American dream essay impressive? First of all, how to start your work?

Note that proper planning makes an excellent start of work on an essay. What does this imply? 

  • Ideas brainstorming;
  • Doing pre-research;
  • Composing an essay outline.

It is essential to make sure that the topic is well researched before actual writing. Only adequate research can add scientifically valid sounding to the paper that becomes clear and convincing. One should keep in mind that the resources used for the research should always be double-checked for relevance and validity. 

Composing an outline for an essay whatever American dream essay topics are used is a great way to save extra efforts and make the process of writing much shorter and more productive. An outline can ensure good structuring of the text with complete coverage of the chosen topic and understanding of the continuity of the ideas. 

Look at the sample of an American dream essay outline.

A perfect outline should demonstrate how the theme is to be developed and it serves as a good starting point for the whole text. 

  • Introductory part: American dream serves as a public driving force in the US
  • Body: What does the idea of the American dream imply? Which values are covered? How do people achieve their dream? 
  • Conclusion: The historical development of the USA is greatly impacted by the idea of the American dream.

List of Excellent American Dream Essay Topics

It is complicated to start writing when it is not clear which topic to choose. Look through the suggested ideas and choose the topic that appeals to your feelings and interests. 

  • How do immigrants perceive the idea of the American dream?
  • What is a common interpretation of the American dream in the cinema?
  • What is a common interpretation of the American dream in books?
  • Is the idea of American dream true or false?
  • Are there any other components of the American dream except money and power?
  • Do all the people achieve their dreams? Why or why not? 
  • Is the concept of the American dream valid today?
  • Define the key idea of the American dream.
  • What is a typical interpretation of the American dream in pop songs?
  • Explain why American dream is sometimes viewed as a fallacy.
  • Is the American dream ruined by prejudice?
  • The Great Gatsby: How does the author present the American dream in the novel?
  • Explain how the American dream is related to money
  • Some people view the American dream as a false hope and excessive ambition. Do you agree with this point of view? 
  • How is the image of the American Dream developed in history?
  • Do you think it is possible to get a new American dream developed?
  • What is your understanding of the idea of the American dream?
  • Is the world with all the desires fulfilled possible? 
  • Do you consider the American dream to be easily achievable?
  • The Great Gatsby: the American dream and symbolism in the novel.
  • American dream vs. American myth.
  • Evolution of the perception of the American dream.

Tips for Writers on Writing an Effective American Dream Essay

If you are still hesitating about the right approach to your writing task, have a look at the writing tips we have prepared for you. They will help you gain an insight into the essence of the American dream and impress your instructors!

  • Your American dream paper should be based on a bright original idea that will make your readers interested and excited. It would be wrong to make them read about the things they have already heard hundreds of times. 
  • Make your introduction catchy for the readers. It seems to be a good idea to create the whole paper first and then add an introductory paragraph. 
  • Look through several essays written by other students or some samples of American dream essays to understand what possible approaches you can take, and then choose your own.  
  • Do not forget to correct your mistakes. However, first, take a one-day break and get somewhat distracted to do the revision more efficiently.

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