Additional Services

Extra Services for Additional Price

Progressive Delivery

Progressive delivery is an outstanding service exclusively offered by our company to customers who order long papers. As a rule progressive delivery applies to 10+ page single-spaced and 20+ page double-spaced papers.

When ordering progressive delivery service, you will derive the following benefits:

  • You will be able to monitor the process of writing your paper. As the writer will send you the paper in parts, you will be able to send comments, specifications or remarks. As such, you will know for sure whether the assigned writer follows the required plan.

  • 30 days will be given to you for revision requests.

  • Your paper will be assigned to the most professional and expert writers and editors

  • You will enjoy cooperation with a personal manager who will assist you throughout the writing process with any inquiries you will happen to have.

Drafts will be sent to you according to the following plan:

  • If you indicate the paper urgency as 4 days or less, then you will receive only one draft after 50% of the deadline expiration. The volume of the draft equals 25% of the total paper length.

  • If you specify the paper urgency as 5-11 days, then you will receive two drafts: the 1st one will be delivered to you after 25% of the order deadline and will consist of 25% of the total word count limit; the 2nd draft will be sent to you after 50% of the  order deadline and will amount to 50% of the total paper length.

  • If the paper urgency is 12 days and more, the writer will provide you with three drafts that will be sent to you after 25%, 50%, and 75% of the deadline expires and that comprise 25%, 50%, and 75% of the needed paper length respectively.

The additional service of progressive delivery costs extra 15% that adds up to the total order price. 

*Clients are also allowed to modify the schedule of receiving drafts. In particular, if they have some valid reasons for changing the order of receiving drafts or if the paper they order has some specifications, then these issues can be discussed with the personal manager. 


When clients order a summary service, they will receive a one-page (=300 words) summation of the main points of their whole paper. Such paper enables customers (and their professors as well) to get familiar with the main points under discussion. This service is especially valuable when you are asked about the topic.


When you order a draft, you will receive either a 300-word or 600-word paper depending on whether your order is double-spaced or single-spaced. The draft amounts to 50% of the total word count limit of the final paper.

Extended Revision

Extended revision allows you to have the whole 14 days for sending revision requests to your assigned writer in case the paper needs improvement.