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How It Works

Students often want to know how a huge writing service such as Writings-Centre.com manages to run so smoothly and make things so easy for the customers. The following information tells a little bit about how  buying online essays from Writings-Centre.com works:

Our Process

Writings-Centre.com exists as an online venue where students can buy research papers and other academic writing at prices that are reasonable. Every  custom essay that a student buys from Writings-Centre.com is individually written and customized to accommodate that student’s specific requirements.

how it works from writings-centre.com

Any student can buy research writing or any other type of academic writing from Writings-Centre.com using 5 simple steps!

Step 1. Order

To place an order with Writings-Centre.com, the student is asked to proceed to our website and to fill out the order form following the prompts for each question. We will ask for personal and assignment details that will be used to help our writers create the best papers possible.

Step 2. Register For a Personal Account

When registered, any customer of Writings-Centre.com automatically receives his or her own personal account. The student is given the privacy privilege of having an individual login and password that enables him or her to:

  • Track the status of any order,
  • Contact a specific writer and/or customer care representative,
  • Upload any desired materials,
  • Download the paper’s drafts or the completed paper,
  • Receive generous discounts.

Step 3. Submit Payment

Writings-Centre.com accepts all major credit cards as well as PayPal on our safe, secure, easy-to-navigate website.

Step 4. The Writing Process

Writings-Centre.com enables our customers to stay abreast of the entire writing process as it occurs.

Students may request drafts or share their visions of how they would like their papers to turn out.

Stay in touch with our customer support team through Live Chat, email or telephone.

Step 5. Receive Your Order

Students may download their papers from our website and may also download the free plagiarism report that is generated by our anti-plagiarism software. This serves as assurance and our guarantee that every paper written by our team of professional writers is 100% original!

Customers have the option of asking that their papers be delivered via email in the form of a PDF or Microsoft WORD document.

That is all there is to it! While our expert writers are striving to create a top quality, affordable paper for a given customer, he or she can spend that time working on lab experiments, studying for exams, participating in extracurricular activities or catching up on some much-needed rest. After the paper is completed, the customer can enjoy the benefits associated with handing in well-written work. This includes more free time and higher grades. In fact, many students turn to Writings-Centre.com for help when their grade point averages begin to fall because they know that we can promptly help them raise their grades.

Students that choose to do business with Writings-Centre.com are making a decision that can positively affect their lives as college students and beyond, after graduation. We provide a solid foundation for real life experiences by helping students relieve some of the stress that is associated with having too heavy a workload. When students are not stressed out, they can pay closer attention to the important things, such as lectures, experiments and other school projects.

We exist to provide a useful service to our customers at prices that they can afford. The immeasurable benefits of using Writings-Centre.com as one’s personal academic writing service begin to reveal themselves almost immediately. Enjoy the benefits of higher grades, less stress and a more productive college experience by letting Writings-Centre.com relieve some of your heavy writing workload.